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Hire or Arrange a Speaking Engagement with Cham Green

Cham Green may be hired as a consultant

  • She is an expert in the field of local crime mapping
  • She is able to research periodicals, newspapers and legacy crime data
  • She can create courtroom presentation materials

Contact Cham at chamgreen102@gmail.com

Cham Green is available for Speaking Engagements

Ms. Green is an engaging and accessible speaker who has addressed many different audiences. She has given talks to journalism classes,  civic associations,  technical meetings and geek events. She has spoken at conferences, luncheons, outdoor festivals, universities, workshops, museums and libraries.  She has been interviewed by major media outlets and is considered an authority on interpreting local crime data.

Among the many topics she can address are:

  • Baltimore City and County homicides
  • Baltimore City crime and arrest data and statistics
  • Geographic changes and migration of Baltimore area crime
  • Hiking, mapping and bushwacking

Contact Cham at chamgreen102@gmail.com