Chambré is a residential condominium composed of private homes and is not a resort hotel.  There is no rental or management office and all problems within a unit are referred directly to the unit owner.

These rules and regulations apply to all owners, lessees, guests and visitors and are enforced by the owners.


1.   All visitors must be accompanied by a resident/lessee when using 
      condominium facilities.

2.    Locked lobby entrance doors must be checked after using.  Fire doors must
       remain closed.

3.    All vehicles must display a parking permit and must park in designated spots
       or in visitors lot.

4.    All pool and spa rules shall be observed.   Pool furniture cannot be removed
       or reserved.

5.    Sand on floats, footwear and chairs must be removed at the beach gate.

6.    Towels, clothing or other items shall not be hung on or over balconies or on
        the fence.

7.    Sea gulls are not to be fed anywhere on condominium property including,
       from the balconies.

8.    The use or storage of cooking grills is prohibited on the balconies.

9.    Front dunes and sea oats are environmentally protected.   Use the walking
       paths to access the beach.

10.  Hallways, stairwells, and passages shall not be used for storage,
       either temporary or permanent.

11.  All commercial vehicles, including but not limited to trucks, trailers, motor
       homes, campers, boats, boat trailers, or similar vehicles, may not park on the
       premises.   Vehicle repairs are prohibited.

12.  Only signs approved by the Board of Directors may be posted on the
       condominium property.


1.   All trash/garbage is to be wrapped/tied in plastic.   Loose papers, glass or 
     cartons are to be taken to the dumpster room in garage area.    Your building
      key unlocks the dumpster/trash room.
2.   Ash trays outside of elevators and in the pool area are not to be used for trash
      or garbage.


1.   Diapered and/or non-toilet trained children are not permitted in the pool or
2.   Children under 14 years are not allowed in the spa.
3.   Children under 13 years must be accompanied and supervised by an adult
      when on the property.
4.   Children are not permitted to play in common hallways, stairwells, passages,
      or on elevators.


1.   No occupant shall play any tv, radio, etc., so loud that it will disturb other
2.   There will be no yelling from the balconies or pool area.
3.   Pets are not allowed on the condominium premises.


1.   Owners who lease or rent shall display a copy of these rules in a
      prominent place in their unit.
2.   Owners must furnish a copy of these rules to tenant/renter before the unit is
3.    No more than four occupants are allowed in one bedroom units: no more
       than six occupants are allowed in two bedroom units.   Prior Board approval
       is required for any exceptions.