LinguisticFX Part V: R@K-El Booth  

A couple of weeks ago R@K-El got her new MacBook Pro.  After we finished setting up her new wireless network, we created this horrific gallery of self portaits using the onboard camera and PhotoBooth.  Seriously, there are enough FX to create at least half of second of a Bjork video...

Click on the photos for larger, more terrifying versions.

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Jay Leno Effect.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman "The Loser" Effect.

Siamese Horror R@K-El Effect.

Psychedelic Eric Clapton Effect.

The Shrek Effect 

The Nutty, Honkey Professor (aka Peanut Head)

Johnny Depp Demi-Cyclops Effect.

I'm Not in Love Disco Effect.


Eye Lift (& iLife) Gone Bad Effect.   

 Woody Allen Effect.

Hideous Paranoia Effect. 

The Sopranos Effect.

Horsey Teeth Effect.

The Stephen Hawking Effect.

Le Schnaz Effectoide.

The Yoda Effect.

I'm a Simpsons Extra Effect.

Easter Island Effect.

 The Horror Sci-Fi Effect.

The Da Shan Effect.

The Nana Moskourpik Budget Effect.

The Wormhole Effect.