LinguisticFX Part III: Karen Gay's Web Dilemma



Karen Gay, PE superstar.

Check out Karen's PE Page

This week I have a further instalment for my massive readership of zero that documents the struggle, trauma and triumph of a very brave individual: Mz. Karen Gay, PE Superstar and computing victim.  After being left like tech roadkill by initial attempts to create her PE site, Karen soldiered on to create and upload her own pages using a combination of Publisher and Frontpage.  However, now she's faced with yet another challenge: getting Apple's iWeb to actually come good on its promise of actually being easy and -um- useful.  Thus far, our experiences with iWeb have gone out for a duck...maybe Apple expects us to fork out $99 a year on a .Mac account.  Yeah, right!  As an alternative, I'm creating this short diatribe straight after sitting with Karen at tech group therapy (ie. lunch) so that she can see how quickly I can choose a new template, post a few pics, and get a Googlepage up and running without too much bother at all.  Yegads, and it's free.  Furthermore, I've noticed that Google are progressively adding in some new features, such as the ability to drag and drop your photos more easily around the template frame.

Jonathan Chambers, rambling correspondent and Googlepages beta tester*

*Not actually this good looking in real life.