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Language, Learning, Technology, and diversionary tactics  by Jonathan Chambers, Shanghai, CHINA. 

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This page is sponsored by the little shop down the road on Guangyuan Lu. I like to support 'ma & pa' stores in Shanghai instead of corporate chains.  These types of shops are rapidly disappearing in Shanghai due to the ministore and supermarket chains... a shame.

 Anti-copyright infringement posters in Shanghai


This week I discovered some new posters down the road from where I live in Shanghai.  They focus upon China's new approach to fighting intellectual property infringement, and the slogans are translated into English so that we might get a sense that the government cares.  However, within a 2 block radius of these posters, I can find a large assortment of copied CDs, software, DVDs and even a store that is located right next to a police station.  So who, exactly, is the target audience of these posters?