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April 17-21, 2006.  Xi'an & Nanjing
I've just spent the last week on the road with a group of 73 students and 9 staff members.  After flying to Xi'an to see the Terracotta Warriors, we took an overnight train to Nanjing to look around another one of the ancient walled former capitals of the Middle Kingdom.  

WEDNESDAY 19th April

Stone City, Nanjing, where a Taiji (Tai Chi) instructor put them through the moves.

My name is Jonathan Chambers.  I'm an Australian who was born in Papua New Guinea to missionary parents who engendered a love of language, music, and computing in me.  I've lived in Shanghai, China, since 1999, where I began working at a Chinese high school as a part of an exchange program for the Queensland government.  For the last 5 years, I've been teaching English at Shanghai American School.

This site is a collection of my movements and observations... 


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Info about a short film I worked on earlier this year:FINDING FIDEL 

Jonathan Chambers, Shanghai, China.

TUESDAY 18th April
Some of my students learning Gongfu (Kung Fu) at the Martial Arts Academy in Xi'an, Central China.