"On February the 27th, Meiwenti Productions launched our second Improvised Short Film Contest and held our awards ceremony on Saturday the 11th of March. Although there were less entries this time round the quality was raised, with our film workshop hopefully contributing to this in some way. We had seven entries and our judging was carried out by some professionals this time instead of an audience vote.
To guarantee that the films submitted to the contest were improvised, all the submissions had to include the following 10 elements which were given to the contestants two weeks previously: Flight of birds, an egg, a bobblehead, a violent reaction, thematic connection: heart of Shanghai, forced line: "That was cool, do it again," an animal, a surprise in the last 45 seconds... within an 8 minute timeframe.  All of this needed to be achieved within 2 working weeks...or so.  


Our screening and awards ceremony was held at " Velvet Lounge" with over 120 people showing up for the atmospheric event, with the winner of best film going to the very popular, Finding Fidel. The contest had some very interesting entries and a wide range of styles were on show but the two big winners on the night were clearly, Finding Fidel and Love.

The winning film (about a journalist's attempt to understand and track down an iconic movie maker) just squeezed ahead of Love (about an online relationship between two young Chinese people) in what turned out to be a very tight race for best film. Finding Fidel also scooped the prizes for best actor (Chad Bagley), best actress (Eve la Rosa), and for most original script, while Love took the awards for best editing and for cinematography. 


Award winners

Best Film: Finding Fidel
2nd Best Film: Love
3rd Best Film: Party Piece
Best Actor: Chad Bagley for Finding Fidel
Best Actress: Eve de la Rosa for Finding Fidel
Best Editing: Love
Best Cinematography: Love
Best Script: Finding Fidel