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With its big heart and special fusion of influences, Chamaco will earn its place in this exciting and growing national cinema.” – Cinema Pacific  

Three noted filmmakers from three different countries come together to create a film in gritty, beautiful Mexico City.

The story is a classic boxing tale with a decidedly modern edge.  We decided to use both Spanish and English for the most realism.  

The film was shot in Mexico City over four weeks.  We used several professional boxers in the film including four time World Champion Marco Antonio Barrera.  The boxing sequences were shot at Barrera’s own gym in a very gritty tough neighborhood.   Besides Harris who had boxed previously the other lead actor was trained by famed boxing trainer Nacho Berenstein (trainer of several world champions).   


Chamaco is the a contemporary yet timeless story told in the gritty world of boxing about a father and son who overcome their differences to rescue a young Mexican teenager with big dreams off the hard streets of Mexico City. Together, they try to unite to help the teen who has big dreams but little hope of realizing them. The father, a doctor, who left his home in the U.S. to run a medical clinic in Mexico City. The son, a former U.S. Olympic boxer who burned out too fast as a professional boxer. And, a young Mexican teenager with dreams of becoming his country's new boxing idol and making enough money to pull his sister and girlfriend off of the streets. Along the way they find each other, find themselves and face their destinies head on. The story is told in the tradition of Rocky and City of God.

The co-writers…

The film is the directorial debut of celebrated Mexico City producer Miguel Necoechea.  His previous works have won awards at the Sundance, Venice and Berlin Film Festivals.  His recent work “Innocent Voices” which he produced with Lawrence Bender has had a very successful run worldwide.   Another film “Profundo Carmesi aka Deep Crimson” won the Mexican Ariel for best picture, won best picture at the Venice Film Festival and a Latin American Award at the Sundance Film Festival.  Miguel has seen his work nominated and win “Oscar”s in both his native Mexico and Spain.  

Award winning actor-filmmaker Kirk Harris has starred in five US theatrical releases.  A writer of note he has written six films that have been produced and has had two other scripts optioned by the studios.  He carries a wealth of boxing experience as a former amatuer boxing star (with over 50 bouts).   As well, Kirk directed the Slamdance/Berlin Film Festival entry “loser”.

Celebrated Canadian filmmaker Carl Bessai has had several films appear on the worlds stage.  His films have screened at the Sundance, Toronto, and Berlin Film Festivals and been nominated for his country’s “Oscar”.  

The film is an official Mexico – US co-production (there have only been a handfull through the years).  It was produced with the sponsorship of the Mexican government fund Fedecine.  


MIGUEL NECOECHEA (Producer, Co-Writer, and Director) 
A prestigious producer and filmmaker,  Miguel has won Academy Awards (their countries’ respective versions) in Mexico and Spain.  

As well, he has been his home country of Mexico’s selection of the U.S. Academy Awards in for  Profundo Carmesí (a.k.a. Deep Crimson), directed by Arturo Ripstein.  His films have also won at the Sundance, Berlin and Venice film festivals. Miguel Necoechea has made films with Luis Mandoki (Message in a Bottle, When a Man Loves a Woman), Alfonso Cuaron (Harry Potter III, Y Tu Mama Tambien), and Arturo Ripstein (the Grandfather of al of today’s Mexican cinema), among others. 

His last film was Innocent Voiceswhich he produced with Lawrence Bender (Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction) and was directed by Mandoki. The film was produced for $5 million and has grossed over twenty five million to date. 

KIRK HARRIS- (Producer, Co-Writer, role of Jimmy Irwin) 
Kirk has starred in several art house theatrically released films.   He recently starred in “The Violent Kind” with John Savage, Irina Bjorklund and Hamish Linklater for Sundance alumni Geoffrey Pepos.  Other recent films include “Intoxicating” which he also wrote. The film played theatrically in the Regal, AMC and Loews chains.  CNN called Harris’ performance “riveting”.   The cast included John Savage and Academy Award Nominee Eric Roberts.   The film has sold to more than twenty countries.   

Harris starred in the lead role of Lucky O'Donnell in “Hard Luck”.  During its theatrical release, Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times called the film "the third of actor-writer Kirk Harris’ impressively implacable odysseys of driven, defeated men". Boxoffice Magazine wrote "Harris seems to take a page from Jack Nicholson’s full turn in Five Easy Pieces".    The cast included Sundance Best Actress Award Winner Renee Humphrey  and Academy Award Nominee Karen Black.

Harris starred in the award winning psychological thriller “My Sweet Killer”, which ran theatrically in Los Angeles and is currently enjoying its second dvd/video release after becoming the most successful Hollywood Video premiere to date with over 80,000 rentals in the first six months. Harris was awarded the Method Fest Film Festival’s Breakthrough Performance Award for his portrayal of a former mental patient fighting his demons as he struggles to rejoin society. The film co-starred Clifton Collins Jr. .

Harris made his directorial debut with “loser”.  Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times called the film "an impressive no-budget Rebel Without A Cause".  The film premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival and was picked up for a fifty city theatrical run.  The film’s cinematographer was Kent Wakeford, acclaimed director of photography of Martin Scorsese's Mean Streets and Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore.  Harris starred in the film with Peta Wilson.

A former Golden Glove boxing champion who competed in fifty-one sanctioned bouts.  Harris is the founder of Rogue Arts (formerly FilmKitchen) which has produced a five feature films and handled the North American distribution of more than twenty titles to date.  Films that Harris has handled for distribution include several Academy Award Winners and Nominees including Johnny Depp, John Malkovich, Benicio Del Toro, and Roy Scheider.

DON FRANKEN (Producer)
Don has run World Class Sports sports marketing and talent agency for more than thirty years.  Athletes / sports celebrities he has worked with include Magic Johnson, George Foreman, and Joe Montana (to only name a few).

His love of film has lead him to do publicity for several theatrically released films through the years.  Most celebrated would be “Chariots of Fire” where he and his father handled the publicity for the sports media during its pre-Oscar run.  

Don recently produced his first feature film “The Violent Kind” with Sundance Alumni Geoffrey Pepos using coorporate sponsorship. Franken also is the Executive Director of the prestigious The Method Fest film festival, the only major U.S. festival focusing on acting.

CARL BESSAI (Co-Producer, Co-Writer)
Acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Carl Bessai has had six films in the Toronto Film Festival.  

His second feature “Lola” screened at Sundance, Toronto and Berlin.   His film “Mothers & Daughters” just premiered at this year’s Toronto Film Festival.  Other works include “Emile” starring Ian McKellen, “Normal” starring Carrie Ann Moss, “Severed”,  Toronto Film Festival Special Jury Award Winner “Johnny”, and “Unnatural and Accidental”.

GUILLERMO GRANILLO (Cinematographer)
Guillermo has shot 35 films.  Two of which have won two Mexican "Oscars". His credits 
include The Crimes of Father Amaro starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Deep Crimson, Miguel's 
film, that won best picture at the Venice film festival and special jury at Sundance.


MARTIN SHEEN (plays dr. Frank Irwin)- multiple Emmy and Golden Globe Winner, ("The Departed",  "Apocalypse Now", "West Wing", "Bobby", "Badlands", "Gandi", "Wall  Street", "American President",  "Catch Me If You Can", "Borderline" and "Talk to Me"); 

KIRK HARRIS (plays Jimmy Irwin) -  former State Golden Gloves winner and lead actor in arthouse theatrical releases  "Intoxicating", "Hard Luck", "My Sweet Killer", "loser"   and the  upcoming "The Violent Kind").

ALEX PEREA (plays Abner) - breakout actor chosen for the role of Abner, starred in the Mexican kid’s film “Zordo” and brother of Danny Perea) 
DANNY PEREA  (plays Silvana) - winner of Mexico's  Academy Award (Silver Ariel) and the MTV Film Award for "Duck Season" and major Mexican television star on  "Vecinos"); 

SOFIA ESPINOSA  (plays Paulina)- nominated for Mexico’s Best Actress Award (Silver Ariel) for her role in La Niña en la piedra. 

GUSTAVO SANCHEZ PARRA  (plays Rigoberto) -Silver Ariel Award, Best Actor, Supporting Role for Amores Perros;  Man on Fire, The Three Burials of Murqiades Estrada, De la Calle. 

RAUL MENDEZ- Starred in such films as In The Time of the Butterflies and The Legend of Zorro,

MICHAEL MADSEN (Jimmy’s trainer) - Reservoir Dogs, Donnie Brasco, The Natural, Thelma & Louise, Mulholland  Falls, Sin City 1&2, Kill Bill 1&2, Free Willy 1&2); set to star in Inglorious Bastard sfor long time collaborator Quentin Tarrantino. 

MARCO ANTONIO BARRERA - One of the greatest Mexican fighters of all-time, world champion in four divisions, Ring Magazine “Fighter of the Year.”