Resume Reel

Center Shot Archery and Southern Smoked BBQ are some recent spots.
The rest are examples of my work at Time Warner Cable. 
The Pfefferle Tire-Spelling Bee won the 2006 National CAB Award. 
The R&L Carriers spots were shot on film with a crew of 20 in Florida and aired on ESPN2 nationally 
during the R&L Carriers Bowl in 2006.
The PSA projects were produced at TBNK.

The Dinsmore Homestead, The original program was two one hour episodes. This segment was used to promote the homestead. Produced at the Telecommunications Board of Northern Kentucky
Mother of God Church produced through the facilities of TBNK

St Mary's Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption produced through the facilities of TBNK. 
Winner - 2012 Blue Chip Cable Access Award. Cultural Awareness - Pro Documentary

Misc.: Some extra youtube videos mostly shot on my iPhone CharlesNKY