Was mathematics created or discovered? Whatever side you may land on, the world is surrounded by math. Whether it is explaining why the world works like gravity or using math to create new technology like cell phones, math is everywhere. Where will I ever use this in real life? That is the most asked question to math teachers. There are plenty of examples that can be found where math is used in the real world, but for most people they may not use math in their everyday life even though math is more than just numbers and formulas. That is why math is so amazing, it is more than memorizing a bunch of algorithms, it challenges the mind. Math encourages imagination and innovation, using reason and logic to challenge the way people think creating new and amazing things. You may never have to solve a quadratic equation in your life after math class, but math teaches you how to solve problems. There are always going to be problems in your life, you have to take the resources that you know and use them to solve things you don't know, that is what math is all about; using reason and logic to solve your problems.  

Teaching Math

I came to Melba in 2015. I am teaching Calculus, Pre-Calculus, and Integrated Math 2. You can find the syllabus of each on the above sidebar. I love teaching math because it is a challenging subject and can be challenging to teach. Many students love math because they are good at it and many students hate math because they are not. There comes a time in a students life where math becomes hard, a student may have always been good at math and all of a sudden they don't understand it, that is because math builds on itself and becomes more challenging. That is why it is important for students to understand it is ok to struggle with math. It is how students deal with the challenge that determines their success.