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In 2009, when a server was breached at the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit thousands of emails and other documents were leaked into the public sphere.  From this data, allegations soon followed that these documents showed evidence that the participating scientists had engaged in unethical and unscientific manipulation and suppression of important information in their analysis to the end of pushing a anthropogenic explanation of climate change.

Since then, multiple independent investigations have reviewed the data and the scientists involved have been exonerated of any fraud or scientific misconduct.  Their methods and results however, have still been criticized by other scientists for lack of transparency and disorganization.

This data-set provides a rare view the internal and social aspect of science.


- 1073 emails.  All in .txt format

- 3485 supporting documents.  Miscellaneous formats including:
        pdf, rtf, txt, doc, xls, png, jpg
        as well as many exotic scientific file formats


Aside from the occasional excel sheet, this data is highly unstructured.  The vast majority of it is text.



Chris Rogers