Randy Kitchur's evaluation of Stan Fulham's 3 UFO display predictions for Exopolitics TV

 Randy Kitchur Photo-1 9-27-2009  Randy Kitchur Photo-2 9-27-2009
 Randy Kitchur
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Based on the enormity of eyewitnesses and video evidence taken by many independent sources and posted on the Internet for all to see, it is clearly evident the late Stan Fulham's predictions of 3 UFO displays taking place over New York City on October 13th, 2010, over Moscow the first week of January 2011, and over London the 2nd week of January 2011 have proved to be accurate.
Meteorological data of the wind speed and direction over NYC on that day, as well as time-lines that do not correlate with the evidence of thousands of eyewitnesses, and the number of objects sighted and changing patterns indicating intelligent control, prove the impossibility of balloons as the cause for what transpired over Manhattan that day.  It is little known, but Stan was given his prediction for that day from a highly ethically advanced interdimensional being he had a longstanding association with -- a sort of spirit guide or benevolent and protective guardian angel a year and a half before the event.  It was not until a year later he wrote the foreword for his book putting in writing his prediction.  The actual role the Transcendors played -- through deep trance medium Rik Thurston -- was to confirm the prediction and allow for Stan to indirectly communicate with the actual ET civilization involved in the display on that day.
Others make the claim he predicted a massive, worldwide display on that day.  True but in his conversations with the Transcendors in the weeks leading up to then, myself and others, Jeff Peckman in Denver who was involved in his UFO Disclosure initiative for one, knew the ETs believed such a large scale display would do more harm than good, and would cause a great deal of panic, and Stan was told in advance it would be scaled back and just limited to one major city, which he was hoping would be Denver, but which I believed should be either New York City or Washington.  When I started receiving unexpectedly non-stop phone calls from major media in New York the morning of the 13th, starting with New York One TV and the New York Daily News about UFOs over NYC, I learned right then and there Stan had nailed it.
Throughout the course of the day, but were unable to respond to for several days, we received media requests for interviews from the New York Times, Coast to Coast AM, the FOX News NY affiliate, and relentless calls and e-mails from Inside Edition.  Presumably Inside Edition's hit piece claiming it was just balloons was because they must have taken affront at what they presumed was their being ignored when I was just swamped with non-stop calls which went on for weeks.  When I finally opened my e-mail a couple of days later, I found thousands and thousands of frantic e-mails and books orders. 
Stan never for a second doubted the event that he predicted would take place on October 13th.  It was a sublime confidence.  It was the same for the predictions for January for Moscow and London.  Although Stan was perfect with one prediction, I was a little apprehensive about him going out on a limb so soon and predicting two more events so close in time.  Stan died of pancreatic cancer with most of his family members at his side on December 19th and tragically didn't live to see his predictions come true.
The first week of January I spent glued to TV news reports watching for something to happen over Moscow.  A day or so after the 7th, it dawned on me I needed to surf the Internet if I wanted to find out what was going on in Moscow.  I started finding UFO videos from Moscow that corroborated Stan's prediction for it in all respects.  Then the Moscow UFO wave started and became a tsunami with each day coming to light on YouTube independent confirmation after confirmation of irrefutable evidence.  I started posting them to our site where they can be found now.  There is even a video posted of a UFO event which took place over Moscow on January 7th, the very day if one reads the prediction carefully he said it would take place.
London was a little different.  London actually started out with what look like a fleet on New Years Day, and ended on January 31st with a single UFO videotaped low over a residential neighbourhood.  In between there was a videotaped event on January 14 over downtown London, the very date Stan predicted if one interprets his prediction for London correctly.  At one point in late-January I thought Stan might have got the order of the Moscow and London displays reversed, but it wasn't until I learned the significance of the January 14th event following the incredible UFO display over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on the 28.  Actually, it wasn't that specific event that provided that understanding, it was the front page story carried by Israel's largest newspaper mentioning Stan in relation to a prior event which took place over the Wailing Wall in mid-December just before Stan died, of an orb that was videotaped that looks exactly like the orb in London on January 14th -- the day Stan predicted.
So, to anyone who has paid attention, Stan was a perfect 3 for 3, and as far as I am aware, such a feat has never been accomplished by a human before in all of recorded history.  But then again, Stan had very, very good friends in very, very high places.