The Heart of the Program

ECYD, “Educational, Culture and Youth “Development”

In this international organization,  Catholic youth form an alliance with Christ to build a new world.  Following the example of Christ, their friend and supreme ideal, young people commit themselves to practice charity, sincerity, friendship, purity, generousity, and joy: to give good witness to their peers: and to extend ECYD among their friends and companions.

What is in the name "ECYD?"
EDUCATION:     Becoming Well-rounded
Education is not only time spent in school studying and going to classes.  It involves the whole person.  ECYD wants its members to be well-rounded individuals who have developed their intelligence, will, sensitivity, and character.  ECYD members are educated to know what is true, good and beautiful.  They are taught to act nobly, in accord with deeply rooted convictions. 
CULTURE:     Authentic Values
ECYD joins the Holy Father in embuing culture with Christian values.  Members of ECYD learn to recognize authentic culture from its counterfeits and are ready and willing to take a stand against the culture of death in all its manifestations.  They learn how to be positive forces for good and not mere idle bystanders who do no more than complain about a bad situation getting worse.
ECYD members learn to be leaders.  Powerful forces in society seek to keep young people enslaved to their passions... making them easy targets for seduction and negative influences.  ECYD members, on the other hand, are given the tools to develop self-confidence.  Having Christ as their best friend, they know that he has given them qualities which they must fully develop in order to leave a real and lasting mark on the world. 

There are five loves of an ECYD member:
Love of Jesus Christ

Love of the Blessed Virgin

Love of the Church

Love of the Holy Father

Love of ECYD

There are four stages of ECYD:

1st Stage:
Girls between the ages of 11 and 13.

The special love of first stage is a real tender and filial love of the Blessed Vir
gin Mary, Mother of ECYD and an unequaled model of love of Christ and neighbor. The daily commitments of this first stage are: Pray the Our Father and the ECYD prayer in the morning and a Hail Mary and ECYD prayer at night.

2nd Stage: Girls between the ages of 13 and 14.
The special love of second stage is a personal, real, passionate and faithful love of Jesus Christ, my friend and ideal of life, which is translated into great love for the Eucharist, the Gospel and the life of grace. The daily commitments of the second stage are: Daily offering, that includes the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory and the ECYD morning prayer; night prayers that include the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory, Act of Contrition and the ECYD night prayer; a mystery of the Rosary and a reading of the Gospel passage followed by a few minutes of reflection.

3rd Stage: Girls between the ages of 14 and 15.
The special love of third stage is love of the Church and the Pope that is translated in an interest for understanding its mystery, its history and mission, in defending valiantly
the Church and cultivating an ardent zeal for the salvation of souls. The daily commitments of third stage are: Daily offering that includes the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory, Act of Contrition and the ECYD prayer; a visit to the Eucharist, a mystery of the Rosary and a reading of a Gospel passage followed by a few minutes of reflection and the good use of your personal time through a demanding and balanced schedule that doesn’t leave space for laziness.

4th Stage: Girls between the ages 15 and 16.
The special love of fourth stage is love of ECYD that is the path and means for developing her human and Christian personality. The daily commitments of fourth stage are the same as 3rd stage but fulfilled with greater maturity.

The CHALLENGE/ECYD connection is basically that The Challenge Girls’ Club is a club open to any Christian girl who wants to grow in her faith and friendship with Christ and serve others. The Challenge Girls’ Club offers them a concrete opportunity to become apostles for Christ.

When your daughter attends a day retreat, weekend retreat or summer convention she will hear about being an ECYD member.  It is a personal commitment to Jesus Christ to live more fully one’s baptismal promises.  This personal decision is celebrated with her friends who also make the commitment with a Mass at the end of the retreat.  One of the benefits your daughter as an ECYD member is to receive personal attention from a consecrated woman of Regum Christi in the form of monthly formation dialogue and encouragement.  Your daughter is invited to make this commitment with your knowledge and written approval.