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ChaletOS Release Wallpaper Contest

Hi people, as we getting close to new ChaletOS release, we want to declare a wallpaper contest. We will all appreciate your effort in this. As we have much of our own pictures, we will take only 10-15 images or pictures from this contest. This is opportunity for all of us to be a part in creation of our beloved system. 

You can post whatever you want but you should be aware of some things:

  1. By posting some image or a picture you are agreeing that you will not ask any money for it and you giving it for free.

  2. Copyrights of your image or picture must be GPL in some of its versions or free for use and distribute licence. If you posting some image or a picture you are agreeing that you giving it on this terms. By posting an image or a picture you are saying that you agree that it is used in ChaletOS Linux distribution. You take full responsibility if that image or picture is in someone's else property. No brand names or trademarks of any kind. So please, post only yours images or pictures.

  3. We will not send you an answer is your image or picture is included or not (some contact may be necessary).

  4. Your name and address will be only mentioned on our website, in section dedicated for that. With posting you agree on that. So when you give an image or a picture, leave your full name and email address.

That being said, let's make some tech rules

  • Image or picture should be in ratio 4:3 or 16:9 (better)

    For 4:3 ratio: min 1280x960, max 2560x1920
    For 16:9 ratio: min 1366x768, max 2560x1440
  • It can be in jpg (if it is necessary), or png, svg (best choices) file formats.

  • Theme can be anything but it should not be offensive for anybody.

  • We are not taking or considering images or pictures that have sexual context of any kind or with political or religious theme (it is not that we are not for religion, just opposite, but we don't want to make fight about religious beliefs.) neither we will not take any inappropriate, offensive, hateful, tortuous, defamatory, slanderous or libelous pictures. Don't send pictures with weapons or violence, alcohol, tobacco, or drug use imagery.

  • Theme can be vintage, travel, seasons, nature, music, computers...or even ChaletOS.

  • Don't allow that picture or image contain something that is copyright protected.

Some dates:
  • Submission deadline is April 20th.
  • Announcement of selections: about April 24th.
What we need in the mail?

Images/Pictures, Full name, email address should be posted on