Chalazion Treatment

The best thing to do is catch a developing Chalazion early!  Otherwise it might be a long while before your Chalazion goes away, it took me a month of warm compresses and Johnson's baby shampoo to get rid of my Chalazion which lasted about 3 months!  You can find exact instructions under the link "My Step by Step Treatment".  However it is good to know all your treatment options so here they are:
1.  Leave it alone - I know the Chalazion is frustrating, but trust me you're the only one who things it looks like an Orange on your eye, but to others its not that noticeable.  From reading and learning about Chalazions during medical school, most Chalazions go away on their on, it might take months to years but they will go away without any treatment.  

2.  Hot Compresses with Baby Shampoo - This is all I used to get rid of my Chalazion.  Trust me it was very frustrating, I read up on internet, looked at my books, and my Chalazion just woudln't go away until I figured out the TECHNIQUE of how to use Hot compresses and baby shampoo which I mention later!

3.  Salts - During my research, I stumbled upon Epsom salt, which some people say works wonders.  I was going to use this as my next step in management in treating my Chalazion before it disappeared.  But I wonder if the success stories had just used it during the Stye phase.  
4.  Topical antibiotic eye drops - I did not get a chance to try this but there have been some success stories on the internet.  If you go to the doctors you will be given a prescription of this and told to do Hot compresses.  Before I had my own Chalazion experience this is what I would have to tell patients.  Things change once you've experienced one yourself!  

5.  Steroid Injection -  If all else fails, this is what I would do instead of Surgery!  Chalazions can go away within a few days after injections but there is a risk of complications just as with any invasive procedure.  

6.  Surgery - This should be the LAST ditch effort as it is the most invasive procedure.  Although only 10% have recurring Chalazions after surgery, I would try all the other treatment options first before going to this.  However if the Chalazion gets large enough to obstruct view or cause pressure on the cornea/globe of the eye, Incision and Curretage (Surgery) should be done in order to prevent Astigmatism!