Chalazion and Stye Treatment

1.  Be Patient!  Treating your Chalazion might take a month or even 2 with persistent treatment, it all depends on the person and how persistent you are.  So DO NOT GIVE UP!  It took me a month of repetitive and gentle treatment to get rid of my Chalazion.  
2.  Materials: Clean cloths, make sure it is something soft that and gentle on your eyes.  The last thing you want to do is reinfect your eye with irritating material and material that isn't clean. I recommend having three or four different cloths.  You can buy these on amazon for pretty cheap.  Johnson's Baby Shampoo non-tear, this is effective because it not only keeps your eyes clean, but also acts as an emulsifier for clogged oil debris in the meibomian glands of your eyelid.  Epsom salt, I did not get to the point of using this but it was my next additive in treatment and by my reading this works wonders especially during early stages of a Chalazion.  If you have all these materials you're on your way to healing your Chalazion.  Multi-Purpose Sterile Solution (no rub) for Soft Contact Lenses, this is an isotonic solution that is essentially the same tonicity as your body fluids (normal saline), in simple terms it is the same type of fluid that lubricates your eyes, use this to irrigate underneath your eyelid where the Chalazion is located.  

3.  Now find a source of hot water, notice I didn't say warm water.  A kitchen faucet works well and this is what I used.  Also keep a pot or large bowl to keep the hot water in, but this is not necessary as you'll soon find out.  Now keep the faucet water running on hot and soak the wash cloth, pour a bit of shampoo onto the wash cloth and scrub the single wash cloth together to get a lather of shampoo on there.  Now GENTLY clean your eyelid where the eyelashes protrude out, this is where the opening of the meibomian glands are located.  The faucet should still be running with hot water.  Make sure the temperature is not too hot that it burns your skin but hot enough to be a little uncomfortable.  Take your wash cloth run it under hot water and squeeze about 70% of the water out and by this time it will be hot but not too hot to put on your eye lid, this is what a hot compress is called.  Place this hot compress on your Chalazion and keep it there for about 5-10 seconds and repeat.  Every so often make sure to use shampoo and clean your eyelid again where the meibomian gland opening are located.  And also every so often use your finger tip under the cloth to GENTLY massage and rub the Chalazion bump, you should be able to see it under your eyelid when you massage it as a white spot.  Keep repeating these steps and varying it up with massaging, cleaning the eyelid, and using the hot compress to put over the chalazion for 5-10 seconds while the tap water is running so that you can repeat quickly.  GENTLE PERSISTENCE.  Do this for 15-30 minutes and you are done with round 1.  You should do atleast 2-3 rounds per day, especially before going to sleep. 

4.  I firmly believe that there is a certain amount of pressure and temperature that the Meibomian glands respond to.  With the right amount of pressure and temperature the Meibomian glands will open up and slowly excrete the Chalazion contents over time.  That is why the right amount of PRESSURE, TEMPERATURE, AND PERSISTENCE is key.  In the beginning I had tried squeezing my Chalazion with really hot water and my eyelid was burnt and my eye became red.  DO NOT do this.  The whole process should be a GENTLE one. 

5.  Did I mention DON'T GIVE UP.  This experience is supposed to be frustrating.