It Is Time for the Knowledge of the Chakra System to Come to the Planet

The "It Is Time for the Knowledge of the Chakra System to Come to the Planet" website exists to bring new information on the chakra system to all users.

It begins with information dating back centuries.  The obscure and most known will be sought and provided here, if possible.

The Chakras
A medium, psychic, healer works to restore balance. Energy enters the body through the chakras, or energy wheels, into the network of nadis.

The nadis are the etheric counterparts of nerves (meridians in Chinese medicine)located within the etheric layer which is responsible for animating the physical body. The chakras are connected to each other and to portions of the physical-cellular structure by the nadis.

The nadis, the spine, and the brain are key components of energy distribution. Read more...

Chakra Formation
There may be different perceptions on chakra formation. Until the description and the process are accepted, we will use the information that is currently available.

Mediums, psychics, and healers may not perceive or view chakras the same. Visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or olfactory abilities, singularly or in combination, create an image or feeling as to how a client's chakras operate or appear.
   Read more... 

Chakra Energy Channels
The human body has identified chakra energy channels.

Twelve main meridians are associated with different organ systems. Along each meridian are activation points that can become blocked for various reasons and are opened with the use of pressure (acupressure) or acupuncture. These activation points are also considered chakras.

The front is the receptive feminine (yin) side, our “feeling” side and the back is the outward flowing masculine releasing (yang) side, our “will” side.The 7 main chakras rotate differently depending upon sex and state of healthRead more...

Chakra Health
Each chakra has been visualized by psychics as spinning, colorful wheels when one experiences well-being at all levels. Chakras have also been represented with distortions, deformed, or with less than vibrant colors when they experience imbalances or blockages.  Read more...

Minor Chakras
There are minor chakras distributed throughout the body, approximately 3 inches in diameter, and 1 inch distant from the body's surface. They occur where, according to Brennan, energy strands cross each other 14 times.  Read more...

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