Chak Abdul Khaliq is a famous and ancient village in the suburbs of Tehsil Dina,District Jhelum,Pakistan.This village was founded by Sheikh Syed Abdul Khaliq  (RA) in  the age of Sher Shah Suri(1540-1545 A.D).According to one legend this village was offered to Syed Sahib as a fief by Sher Shah Suri in the recognition of his spiritual and scholastic services. The Municipal records of District Jhelum confirm this legend and state that "the barren land in the outskirts of villages Madukalas ,Jalu Chak and Khana Boki  was declared a Chak(Village) and was offered to Syed Abdul Khaliq (RA) who accompanied Sher Shah Suri". Hafiz Sher Shah (RA) mentioned  the original name of village as "Chak Syed Abdul Khaliq" in his books written in 1831.However, the official name for the village is" Chak Abdul Khaliq " .
Mangla Dam and river Jhelum are few kilometers away from      Chak Abdul Khaliq.The village is surrounded by a green belt  and other villages including Madu Khalus, Sidh, Nakoder, Dhoke Khokher. 


The main roads around the village are, Mangla road in the west and Dina Bypass in the east. These roads provide key links to other towns and cities. The Major cities are Dina, Mangla and Jhelum. The village population is about a thousand people. The sons and daughters of the village are playing their role in all walks of life as Doctors, Engineers, Professors, Teachers, Poets, Civil & Army Officers, Bankers and Farmers.