Northern Arizona University's



If you are interested in becoming a member of the oldest club on campus, we will be holding open meetings starting March 20th, 2012
We will be in the Aggassiz Room at 7pm every Tuesday night in the Du bois center.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email Anitra Stewart at aas82@nau.edu or James Gray at jsg57@nau.edu

Founded in 1927, the Chain Gang's mission was to promote friendliness, foster the highest ideals of athletics and sportsmanship, serve the school and the student body through the capable and efficient handling of all athletic games and tournaments, serve as guardian of the college's copper axe (the symbol of Lumberjack sports), lend assistance to other groups carrying out activities, and supervise the Homecoming festivities.

Today Chain Gang remains a high-profile service organization whose goal is preserving NAU's most honored traditions while giving back to the Flagstaff community through community service. This organization is entrusted with fostering and upholding NAU traditions, including representing and demonstrating customs at all athletic events, taking an active part in Homecoming activities, and encouraging attendance at all assemblies and school activities. They serve as guardians of the college's copper axe (the symbol of lumberjack sports) and the Logging Wheels. They proudly wear the number 13 and the color orange.