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Sermon Outlines

These outlines are from "Preaching From The Past"  A Collection of Sermon Outlines by Jess W. Nutter compiled by his nephew Glenn Logston.

This is a 7.7 MB file


The one hundred outlines you hold in your hands were made and  used by brother Nutter early in his preaching ministry. They were needed sermons then, and are needed today as much as ever. His forceful presentation of this material has led many to the Lamb of God and contributed to the spiritual growth of many Christians I heard him preach many of these sermons and am eternally grateful for the sound foundation they provided for me to build upon as a young man.

Brother Nutter read widely and gathered sermon material from many sources, so no claim to originality is made for these outlines. He never arlhcipated their publication, designing them for his own use, but I am confident all who read them will agree they are worthy of being preserved. I have made only minor changes in them, adding a word here and there for the sake of continuity. They are basically  and essentially as he presented them.

I suggest the use of these outlines in the following ways:
1.)    By preachers who are looking for good, Bible centered lessons to present from the pulpit for the spiritual growth of the local church.
2.)    For Bible class study and discussion.
3.)    For private devotions and individual study. One can devote the time available to their study, returning to them at a later time until completed.4.)    To lead others to Christ. Copy them and allow the "prospective Christian" to teach himself.

Glenn Logston
November 1994
This book is not copyrighted and may be freely copied and distributed for the glory of God