Underground Study Break lounge

Middlebury Student Study Break Media Sharing Space

This is a student shared server that is dedicated to share some of the best shows and movies possible in the best quality possible.  Hopefully it comes in handy to pass the time when a break is needed from homework or when you just want an entertaining reprieve from the usual grind.  

Tips, Tricks and Hints to get you started:

- Best program to view with is VLC player.  It's a completely free open source media player for both PC and Mac.  Download at http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

- Recommend downloading the movie or show onto your computer first before viewing, especially High Definition (.mkv) files if you have enough hard disk space to temporarily afford.  Streaming high definition content can become laggy, and also the exciting movie or show won't get interrupted if the server goes down.

- Some movies and shows by dfault have subtitles and/or non-english audio tracks.  Go into VLC player and can turn off subs and switch to English under audio>audio track or video>subtitle track menu option.

- All currently running shows are uploaded usually within 24 hours of their airing.

- Requests coming soon.

Connection Instructions:


Firefox/Internet Explorer (DL)

1. In the address bar, type \\the-chaesonian.middlebury.edu\media

2. Use the interface to browse

Windows XP

1. select Run from the start menu

2. In the prompt, type \\the-chaesonian.middlebury.edu\media

Windows 7

1.select the Start menu

2. Within the search prompt, type \\the-chaesonian.middlebury.edu\media

Map Network Drive

1. On XP, right click My Computer and select Map Network Drive. Windows Vista/7 select Network in start menu.

2. In prompt, type \\the-chaesonian.middlebury.edu\media

3. Server should mount



1. Select Go from the menu bar, then select Connect to Server

2. In the address bar, type smb://the-chaesonian.middlebury.edu/

3. Connect as guest when/if prompted

4. Select Media folder

Safari or Firefox

1. In the address bar, type smb://the-chaesonian.middlebury.edu/

2. Firefox users: tell browser to open link with Finder

3. Connect as guest when/if prompted

4. Select Media folder