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April 2016 - present

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 Trade Links
"Worldwide Exchange"
21 May 2012 04:45 ET
 TVO (Canada)

 The Agenda with Steve Paikin
"Debate: Collapse
of Global Trade?"
17 February 2010 20:00 EST
 Bloomberg News

 Inside Look
"US/China Strategic
& Economic Dialogue"
28 July 2009 13:07 EDT
National Public Radio (NPR)

 All Things Considered
"US in Long-Running
Dispute with EU"
31 January 2009 16:00 ET

Other Media

Crisis-Era Research (2009-2010)

Other videos of presentations...

American University Washington College of Law

 Symposium on International
Trade and Investment:
Trends and Challenges Ahead

"Is the WTO Passé?"
14 October 2014
(video @2:15)

World Bank

 DEC Policy Research Talk

"21st Century Trade Policy:
Pushing the Limits of
International Cooperation"
22 April 2014

 Bucknell University

 BIPP Public Lecture

"Whither International
26 March 2012

Phi Beta Kappa

 ΦBK Video Series

"Trade Policy
Protectionism and
the Great Recession"
7 December 2011
George Washington

 Intensive Trade Seminar

"Bilateral, Plurilateral, and Multilateral Approaches to Trade Liberalization"
23 September 2011