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Scilab is not Mathlab but it`s okay!!           17 April 2007

Links: Scilab Homepage  ,Scilab Tutorial 

Numerical computing software  is one of the most important tool in the world of engineering. Without them , it will take a long time for an engineer to solve a complex equation or checking the precise of a data.

Besides solving equation, numerical computing can also be used to predict the results of an experiment, making probabilty and statistics and lots of stuff 

Currently the famous numerical computing software is dominated by Mathlab. As we all know it cause around  RM 10,000 ringgit just to obtained the software licensing. This is not an ideal price for a college student to use it. Sadly however the company doesn`t care much bout the student budget when their main customer are well engineer and high tech corp.

To cope with this , some dude created Scilab :) so a free and open source numerical computing software that function similliar to mathlab :). Well the basic function is comprehensible with Mathlab 

The command may be a lil bit different from Mathlab but it''s easy to understand :)

Some snippets:

w = 0:0.1:7 ; z = sin (w); plot2d (w,z)