In case you are wondering 


  • Name : Muhammad Shahriman bin Samsudin (yondie)
  • D.O.B  : 30/5/1986 (makes me 20 dis year)
  • Status:  A hectic eletrical and electronics student
  • Interest in  :  FOSS  and the world computing
  • What skills that i have possess:
  • C/C++, Python scripting , perl scripting  , basic HTML development,  bash scripting  and basicly using linux as administrative purpose .  HDL and assembly language for letrical junkies
  • Love  : The  Open Source Community (in UTP especially)
  • Hate : The hypocrites of Microsoft and the capitalism propitiatory world  
  • Contacts:  moc . tod liamg tod 68haahc  (it`s in reverse order)