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UTP-OSS booth, a moment to remember   17 April 2007

From 16-17 April, during the ICT Carnival in UTP, our beloved UTP-OSS group combine with Syntech club have open a booth to celebrate the event. Well we are quite surprise because althought it's an ICT related event somehow our booth are the only booth we computer related stuff! (On our left is the Pizza Hut booth and on our right is a local pizza booth) . It makes our stomach growls all the time.

 Althought we plan to put out 3-4 computers to present the juicy and glory of FOSS due to insufficient power supply the only box that we put on to show is Kage Box which is a Fedora Rawhide and my box which is a Ubuntu Ultimate Edition.  

As usual, we introduce the crowd with what is Open Source and how does it works and so on and so on. Well the crowd loves to listen to what we have to said but what really catch them is the OOh and Aaah of Beryl Effects that are running on our "tukun box "( a phrase for a low perfomence computer).

50 dvds of Fedora and 50 Dvds or Ubuntu Ultimate Edition are being given for well u can say free. 

More reports on our google-group site!