Mitotic Spindle Checkpoint, Chromosome Segregation

The mitotic spindle checkpoint prevents chromosome loss.  I want to understand how this checkpoint regulates chromosome segregation during eukaryotic cell division, primarily by studying how the spindle checkpoint inhibits the cell cycle regulator the Anaphase-Promoting Complex (APC).  Yeast genetics, cell biology, and biochemistry in combination are powerful tools for exploring the molecular roles of protein complexes.  In the lab, I use my training in these fields to develop biochemical, cell biological and genetic approaches to ask how the mitotic spindle checkpoint functions to inhibit APC.

有絲分裂紡錘體檢查點 (mitotic spindle checkpoint) 可防止染色體丟失。我們欲透過研究紡錘體檢查點抑制細胞週期調控者之後期促進複合體 (anaphase-promoting complex, APC),了解真核生物中細胞分裂時此檢查點對染色體的調控。酵母菌遺傳學、細胞生物學以及生物化學的結合是探索蛋白複合體在其分子作用的一個強大的研究工具。透過在生物化學、細胞生物學與遺傳學方法,以及運用我相關的專業知識,本實驗室將對有絲分裂紡錘體檢查點如何抑制後期促進複合體進行深入的探討。