Winner Selection

Award decisions are made on a competitive basis; not all applicants will receive awards. Since awards are based on merit, statements of financial need are not necessary. The Travel and Material Awards Committee composed of current GSC representatives (voting and non-voting) as well as active members of the GSC.  Applications are judged confidentially – reviewers will not know the identity of the applicant.  Also, reviewers will not be reviewing applications from students within their school.  For example, a reviewer that is dual degree Drucker-SSSPE student will not be reviewing applications from the Drucker School nor from the School of Social Science Policy and Evaluation. 


Award Announcement

After all applications have been reviewed for eligibility and essays scored, the GSC will announce Travel Award winners through a campus wide email.  The announcement will be made within 30 days following the application period end date.


Award Disbursement

Prior to the disbursement of funds, applicants will be required to validate their identity and provide proof of expenses that were listed on Section 3 of the Travel Awards or Material Awards application.  Proof of expenses includes items such as receipts, event participation registration confirmation, bank or credit card statements, and cancelled checks.   Travel and Material Awards are taxable funds. Winners who are on CGU’s payroll will receive their awards via the payroll system, with tax deductions made as in the normal process for tax withholding. Thus, the amount they receive will differ from the amounts disclosed above. Winners who are not on CGU’s payroll are still liable for taxes and must declare their award in their tax statements.