Essay Scoring

The judging criteria are intentionally broad to accommodate the wide variety of academic activities undertaken by CGU students. Each essay is read independently by three GSC members and is judged on five criteria described below. Each application’s total score will be the sum of the individual ratings. An application can receive a maximum of 25 points.  In the event of a tie, the merit and distance of the event may also be considered. 


Review this section to make sure your essay convincingly covers all of the areas described below:


1)     Academic significance (5 points)

Ø  Describe the academic significance of the research you presented.

Ø  For non-presentation categories, what was the academic significance of the event?  

Ø  What was your motivation for participation? This should be understandable to persons outside the discipline.   

2)     Professional development (5 points)    

Ø  Explain the specific relevance and benefits of the participation to your academic and professional career.  

Ø  Relate the importance of this particular participation to your field.  

Ø  Consider both short and long term relevance and benefits from your participation in the event.

3)     Significance to CGU (5 points)   

Ø  How does your participation in this event benefit CGU?

4)     Style (5 points)

Ø  Logically written. The guidelines are to help you shape your essay towards the judging criteria.

Ø  Your essay must be written as one coherent piece.   

5)     Formatting and Grammar (5 points)

Ø  Professionally written and error free

Ø  Your essay must not exceed 600 words for Travel Awards and 200 words f

or Material Awards.  

Ø  Essays must be typed using a 12 point font in one of the following font styles: Arial, Times or Times New Roman.

Ø  Do NOT write you name within the Essay portion of the application.  To ensure fairness in judging, a random ID number will be assigned to your application and reviewers will only see the Essay portion of your application.


Additional tips:

Please keep in mind that professional jargon and acronyms might be unknown to the judges. Please note also, that different software programs count words slightly differently. The GSC will use Microsoft Word to do the word count.