Travel Award Categories

There are three categories for Travel Awards that reflect the range of different academic disciplines available at CGU. There is only one category for the Materials Award.  The following definitions shall apply to the GSC Travel and Material Awards Program.


Travel Award Category One 

Conferences and Symposiums – A conference and symposium, for the purpose of this program, are synonymous and defined as scientific or professional meetings where students, researchers, professionals and faculty share knowledge through information sessions, including but not limited to, talks, roundtables and poster sessions. These events are places where students are exposed to a breadth of information and experience that they might not receive otherwise. For purposes of funding, the student must register, pay for participation in the event and engage in the presentation of information on his/her research conducted at CGU in the form of a paper talk, panel discussion, roundtable, or poster presentation.  

Competitions – A competition, for the purpose of this program, is defined as a professional event where the applicant presents his/her work as part of participation in a formal competition. Examples would include a business plan competition or a conference, which included a competitive component.

Art Exhibits – An art exhibit is defined as a professional event where artists display their work to an audience of their peers, prospective buyers, or museum visitors. For the purposes of funding, an invitation to bring your work to a prospective museum or gallery does not qualify for an award. Only the actual displaying of your artwork is eligible to be awarded. Participation in an exhibit opening is also eligible. Students must be required to be present during the presentation of their work to be considered eligible.

Travel Award Category Two 

Participation in research – Research, for the purposes of this program, includes travel costs spent collecting data by the use of quantitative or qualitative methods. Research must be pertinent to one's field of study.


Travel Award Category Three 

Participation in professional development opportunities – Professional development, for the purposes of this program, is defined as attendance at any training, workshop, or conference seminar on a specific subject relevant to the students’ field of study. Any training or workshop in which the student received course credit for attendance is not eligible for a Travel Award.  


Material Award Category

This award is geared towards providing students with reimbursement for material costs related to their academic endeavors (presenting at a conference, conducting research, exhibiting academic work).  The purchase of materials or third-party services must have occurred within the Event Period date range. Examples of some materials and services qualify include office supplies as posters, writing utensils, staples, a stapler, a three-hole-punch, paper, and professional photocopying-service fees, graphic design services, software, poster creation services.