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CELLS 2009 


Who are we? 

Our candidates list is formed by members affiliated to the CGT-CELLS Union Section and independents.  

Why a Union? Why a Union Section?  

A Union Section is a way to act as a collective group, where the members of this group are affiliated to a Union. The CGT Union is ruled by horizontal organizational meetings, and it provides us with experience and infrastructure.  

When authority abuses occur, feeling isolated leads to feel defenseless. We believe affiliating with a Union becomes very useful to break any reluctance and fear to counteract, and defend the own interests in a collective way. Moreover, the Union may provide with legal means and external experience in similar situations, which help to decide the appropriate action for a particular case.

For all these reasons, we appreciate that CELLS employees decide to affiliate to a Union, whether CGT or another, and we look for the collaboration with other Union Sections at CELLS.  

How does a Union Section work?  

The affiliates’ meeting is the decision center. We are a solid group that meets regularly, discuss our working reality and take the intervention methods that we believe more suitable for each particular case.

Therefore, our representatives in the Workers Committee will have a place to discuss and commonly decide which will be their standing position in front of the different issues at the Committee.  

Our goals for the Workers Committee  

We believe that a stronger organization of the workers is required to defend collective interests. And we think it is necessary to reinforce the Workers Committee in front of the transition period between installation, commissioning and exploitation, which will for sure bring changes in terms of functions, working hours and staff.

On a first phase, we shall watch the implementation of the new Collective Agreement, taking care of the regulations established by it. And secondly, we shall look for agreements in the deregulated points.

We are fully aware that in about two years we will have to negotiate the third Collective Agreement. We believe that a firm and vigorous Workers Committee will be a key issue to carry out a negotiation process that finally must benefit the employees.  


    Communication and debate with the workers  

The Workers Committee must inform to the staff before taking important decisions. It must do so clearly and in time. A new Collective Agreement will be never approved before holding a referendum on it with all the staff.  

We seek a new relationship between the Workers Committee and the workers, providing with the means to participate in the debates. We advocate for periodic workers’ meetings (2-4 per year), and we struggle for setting a fluid and bidirectional communication channel with our co-workers (using the notice board or similar).  

Contracts of Works and Services  

At CELLS, 30% of the employees have this sort of contract. From those, 2/3 are in structural positions according to the management’s presentations shown at the Machine Advisory Committee: in these cases, this kind of contract is used de facto to extend the probation period beyond the maximum limit of 6 months established by law.  

Often, during the job interview it is mentioned that the position is structural, but they say they need to test you. This is why they offer a Contract of Work and Services with a most generic description. They add that, after one year with a favorable opinion about your work, they will offer you an indefinite contract. Or, they will need another year to make up their minds, and so test you again…  

We are aware that precarious and temporary job affects employee’s own life. The employee constantly lives with the fear of losing his job, which drastically limits any possibility of planning a future (try to ask for a mortgage...). Moreover, extensive use of temporary contracts has detrimental consequences in the work place environment because it feeds competition among employees with precarious jobs and limits the staff ability to take collective actions. In these circumstances, employees are prone to give up their rights (would you decline to perform a volunteer shift?) because they are afraid to take any action that may jeopardize their job.  

We will work to look for agreements with the Consortium, both general and specific, in order to: once the structural positions that are currently under contracts of Work and Service have been identified, they become in indefinite contracts; then, we ask to clearly define the time and service for those temporary Works and Services positions that are required; finally, we wish to establish a certain modus operandi about the terms setting the ending process of the contract: dismissal noticing time, accounting the production complement...  

From the Workers Committee, as well as from the CGT Union Section, we will defend and give support to all colleagues that may have any need derived from this sort of contracts.  

Salaries and Categories  

CELLS salary table consists of 100 cells for about 150 workers, that is to say, one and a half worker per cell.  

Professional categories are vaguely defined, which results in an arbitrary staff classification. Regarding the level inside a specific group -which significantly sets the salary- there is no indications in the current Collective Agreement.  

For instance, two scientists or technologists with the same qualifications can be classified in 48 different levels with a gross salary that ranges between 21873 and 84881€ per year. And one support technician can be placed in 16 different levels, between 15623 and 32480€ per year.  

The current lack of definition prompts the salary level to be determined by the individual negotiation strength rather than by the task to be performed or by how much the worker profile fits to that particular position. Not only that, this lack of definition allows salary differences between two employees with the same duties, which lead to tensions and unrests among co-workers.  

The current big salary range for positions with the same duties shall be decreased by reducing the levels and defining the criteria for category assignment at incorporation time. We understand that collective negotiation yields better and fairer conditions than individual agreements. 

It is also a big priority to increase the minimum salary, which currently is 14879€  and will increase to 16404€ only in 2012, when the Second Collective Agreement will not be valid anymore.  

Next Collective Agreement  

Since CELLS is fully funded by the public budget, and now that our salary will be updated every year according to what the Spanish budget low establishes for the Public Servants, our references for the next negotiations will be the public servant collective agreements of the Catalan and Spanish governments. 

Schedule, shifts, on-call  

We will follow-up the shift organization and the on-call service in the next phases.  

In the current Collective Agreement, economic compensations for extra-hours, on call services and shifts are referred to the base salary, not including the promotion complements. We believe that these economic compensations must be set in reference to the complete income: base salary plus promotion complements.  

In the exploitation phase, the current Collective Agreement foresees that schedules, shifts, and on-call service must be negotiated.

We shall therefore push for a decent pay-back for being available and within 1 hour from CELLS outside working hours. Or for working on shifts, considering both the personal and health problems related to it.  

We will also push for a 37.5h/week, which means decrease the current 1752 hours per year to 1647.  


Mobbing: CELLS is not unlike other companies  

Unfortunately, CELLS is not exempt from this evil habit. We require an explicit written compromise from the Consortium about it not tolerating mobbing. And we ask for the collaboration of all staff in order to prevent these attitudes to find a place in our working environment.   

Likewise, we will propose to the Consortium to establish a method to prevent and step in for those cases in which the employee considers himself as a victim of working abuse or discrimination.   

Professional promotion  

In future negotiations, it will be necessary to define the salary including the professional promotion as a whole amount and not as a base salary plus a promotion complement. This does not have any advantage for the employee and only makes more complex and confuse our salary. 

If things remain unchanged, after 10 years working at the Consortium one will keep the same salary of his first year plus some professional complements, which will not be taken into account to determine the shift and on-call compensations.  


Work and family conciliation  

CELLS should not decrease its economic compromise in this issue. An important advance is to increase the mother’s child permit by 4 weeks (currently, this is established to 16 weeks by law – “Estatut dels Treballadors”). This will be possible without budget increase once in 2011 the 8 allowance days of our Collective Agreement will absorbed by the Social Security Service. 

Social benefits  

Child help allowances: currently, it is said that the family situation is taken into account to determine the employee salary. We believe is fairer to establish a fixed complement per child. This quantity should be added as a complement to the salary that everybody could automatically claim.  

Canteen: with the current salaries, most staff cannot easily afford spending 173.8€/month for the menu at the new canteen. We will ask for a price consistent with the salary levels at the Consortium.  

General standing position of CGT-CELLS  

As a representative in the Workers Committee and as Union Section, we think our task is very clear. We will defend the employees’ interests to balance the management interests. Not only in collective processes, but also in the individual ones (as for instance, in the case of dismissal of a worker).  

We wish that, in this new stage, the Workers Committee will become a tool to which everybody shall turn to when worries arise, and from which everybody shall get support.  

Obviously, there are many other issues that need to be properly addressed. We just wanted to sketch the more relevant ones and let you know a sample of our project.   

Now it is up to you to decide,