Worker's Rep elections 2009

The results from the elections were:

CGT: 83  (6 reps)
CSC: 32  (3 reps)
TOTAL: 121

This results gave us the majority in the Worker's committee (6 out of 9 reps)

After formal constitution, the CELLS Worker's Committee is (regarding CGT's reps):

 Carlos Pascual  Marc Alvarez  Ángel Olmos  Lluís Ginés  Lucía Aballe  Sergi Blanch
 Healt &Safety delegate; Paritary Commission Rep   Healt &Safety delegate
 Communications rep

The other 3 reps at the Worker's Committee, from CSC, are:
  • Ferran Fernandez (Communications rep)
  • Sonia Puig (healt & safety delegate)
  • Josep Campmany (Paritary Commission Rep)
To those of you who supported our candidature, we also want to say
thank you. Your support  boosts our enthusiasm to carry on with
the project of making CELLS a better workplace environment.

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