What is the CGT-CELLS union section?

The CGT-CELLS union section is composed by workers from the Synchrotron who have been meeting regularly to find solutions to several work-related issues at CELLS.
We are affiliated to the CGT union which supports us in our activities while allowing us total freedom and autonomy in our decisions. The horizontal decision-system of CGT matches well our own organisation preferences: in the union section, decisions are taken by all members and the representatives simply assume the rule of the bases.

Which is the relationship between the "union section" and the "worker's committee"?

The union section is independent of the committee. From the section, a candidates list for the elections to the committee has been promoted, which is formed by people from the section together with two independents. After the elections the committee, which will be formed by 9 representatives from CGT and CSC in proportion to the obtained votes, will be the interlocutor in front of CELLS for negotiating issues like the next working place agreement.

What does CGT-CELLS propose for the worker's committee?

We prepared a page about the candidature to the worker's committee, and another one with our basic program. You can also download a briefer brochure.

How can I collaborate with you?

Among the people affiliated to CGT at CELLS, the following assumed responsibilities in the union section:

 Marc Alvarez
Gabriele Benedetti
Sergi Blanch
Lluís Ginés
Ubaldo Iriso
Ángel Olmos
Carlos Pascual

You can address any of them directly, or by email to  <synchrotron.cgt@gmail.com> in order to get information about (or help from) CGT-CELLS.

Anybody can join or ask for help, regardless of he/she being affiliated to CGT or not, but we encourage you to join the union (CGT or other) and to participate in an active and solidary way.

Remember: Together we stand, divided we fall