Istanbul 2014

I typically accept 1-2 new PhD students each year. Former and current students include:

Wonjun (Charles) Chang (Co-advisor: Tom Rutherford)

    • Integrated assessment of climate and air quality; Optimization guru

Mingxuan Fan

    • Emissions trading and leakage; Pollution in China, health, and productivity; hemispheric transport of air pollution.

Nicholas Hudson

    • Climate tipping points; water and climate nexus

Linh Nguyen

    • Air pollution in SE Asia

Jennifer Raynor (Co-advisor: Nick Parker)

    • The impact of deer density on motor vehicle accidents; impacts of wolf populations on deer locations; recreational demand for water quality

Thanicha Ruangmas

    • Impact of fuel subsidies in Thailand; distributional impacts of cap-and-trade in LA

Andrew Schreiber (Co-advisor: Tom Rutherford)

    • Strategic placement of air quality monitors; distributional effects of energy/heating cross-subsidies; Optimization guru

Ethan Young

    • Cap-and-trade in Santiago, Chile; responsiveness to real-time electricity pricing