Construction of Parsonage.

Description :  In 2017 we started our 2nd Church Services at a remote village called Jellugumilli, a tribal village which is 60 miles from our 1st church.  We started our services in a house.  In 2019 by God's Grace we able to construct church building and dedicated in the month of February, 2020.  Since 2017 we travel every sunday for services and other prayer meetings. We don't have place to stay. When it is late night after we finish off the meeting its becoming very hard for the travel to come to our home. 

Now we are praying to construct parsonage on the top of the church  building with asbestos sheets to cover the roof.  It will help to stay there and can do more evangelism if we have the shelter. As of now i am taking care of both churches in the coming days we will train one of our church boys and place them as pastor in that village. So parsonage is an desperate need. Please Pray and help this project. 

:Cost of Parsonage Construction : 10000 $

 Diesel Generator

Description:    Power Supply in India and mostly in villages is very worse. Without any proper time in day and night the electrical department will take of the power without any intimation.  

To Overcome power failures, we need diesel generator with 15 / 20 kilo watts which can help the entire campus. 

The Cost of the Generator is 5000 US $


Description:   In our Campus we have 3 storage buildings 2 and 1 storage buildings 1.   

In 1st 3 storage building 1st Floor Church, 2nd Floor Parsonage, 
3rd Floor Dormitories for Boys & Girls . 

In 2nd 3 storage building 1st Floor Children Dinning hall, 2nd Floor 4 Class rooms, 3rd Floor 4 Class rooms for School. 

In 1st storage building Kitchen for Children.  

For our Campus we are in need of Compound wall to prevent snakes from the bushes as we live in the village and we have poisonous deadly snakes. To prevent the only way is to construct compound wall. 

Cost to Construction Compound Wall: 5000 $

Computers for the School / Vocational Training.

Description:  As technology ruling the world, children in the villages still dont know how to study and take care of their future. As we have the school , some children wont pay much interest on their studies. For that computer education and training will help them for their future.  It will help the school as well as vocational training for the children. 

We Need 8 Computers . Each Computer Costs  500 $

 Tailoring Institute for Women Empowerment.

Description:Women in India treated very badly. Most of the Husbands in the villages specially those who are not Christians drunk and beat his wife and wont go to work. In that situations Women go to work to feed her family. Though they work hard they wont pay much.  We are committed to take their burden by providing a permanent solution to stand upon their feet without begging and dying.  We want to start a Tailoring Institute and want to make them to learn tailoring by hiring a tailoring tutor. Once they finish their course by  months or 6 months it will help them for their livelihood . 

 We Need 10 Sewing Machines.Each Sewing Machine Costs 150  $

Vehicle for the Ministry.

Description: Transport Facility is not much in the villages.  As we have church planting & Evangelism in many areas and we don't have proper transportation as because we travel mostly to rural and remote villages. A Vehicle probably a Car which can carry 7 persons will be so useful for the ministry to reach more places and people and will save lot of time in the work. School Bus is and should be used exclusively to transport Children. We cannot accommodate adults in a school bus for the ministerial activities.  

Regular Monthly Sponsorship for 50 children, lepers.



Each Child Needs 50 US $ Per Month to Provide a 3 meal a day and an Evening Snack. We have 25 Boys & 25 Girls. 


Each Child Needs 20 US $ to purchase a Pair of Clothes. 

Medical Expenses:

Each Child should be taken to Primary Health Care Hospitals for regular check up & in Emergency.  For Doctor's Consulatation, Medicines Each Child Needs 10 US $.

Mattresses,Pillows & Bed Sheets:

Each Child Needs One Pillow,One Mattresses, and two Bed Sheets which costs 20 US $ Per Child. 

Other Helpful Needs for Children:

School Bags, Books 15 US $ Per Child.

Mosquito Nets Prevents from Dangerous Mosquito Bytes which causes Malaria, Dengue and other Harmful Diseases. Mosquito Nets Costs 25 US $ Per Child / Bed. 

Sweaters for Winter Season. Each Child Needs 15 US $


As we are working with 47 Lepers resides in a separate leper colony. Every Month we used to visit them with the Love of Jesus Christ and ministering to them With the Gospel and taking care of their needs like Providing Rice, Oil, Fruits, Nutritious Food and Medication which is useful for cleaning their Wounds.  Each Leper Costs 15 US $ Per Month.