Purchase of Land.

Description : At Present we are having 750 Square Yards of our own Land registered under Carmel Gospel Missions. In that Land we constructed 3 buildings. In 1st Building, Ground Floor is the Church, 1st Floor is Pastor's Parsonage, 2nd Floor is for Boys & Girls Dormitories. In the 2nd Building, Ground Floor is Dinning Hall, 1st Floor is 4 Class Rooms for School, 2nd Floor is another 4 class Rooms for School.

In the 3rd Building, Ground Floor is Kitchen with two rooms for Warden residence & Provisions Storage room.

We Praise God for his enabling Grace for all his goodness and grace for his Provisions for Carmel Gospel Missions.

In The Present Land we have constructed buildings according to the requirement. We don't have no more place vacant. Children Need a place to move, importantly we need a play ground for the school which is a rule by the government. We have a land which is to be sale opposite to our existing Buildings. If we purchase this land my prayers is it will be useful for the play ground for the children and it can be useful for the Evangelistic Meetings and my Vision is to construct a Bible School in some portion of that Land.

Construction of 1st Floor & 2nd Floor School Building

Description: At Present we have 2 Floors for School Building with 4 class rooms in each floor. Our School is from Classes Nursery to Xth Standard. We are running short of 5 rooms for classes and further we need rooms for Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab & Computer Room. We already Constructed 3rd Building and the ground floor is used as Kitchen. We are Praying to have 1st Floor & 2nd Floors on the 3rd Building where the class rooms will be sufficient.


Description: Supplying of Power is very low specially in remote villages. Without Intimating they take of the power. We dont have any back up power systems. There are two options for the power back up.

1. UPS - Invertor Battery back up system provided with a ups & battery it will give power for 1 light & 1 Fan for 1 hour. If we purchase this we need to purchase 6 back up systems.

2. 15 / 20 kilo watts  Diesel Generator. If we purchase it will be helpful for the entire Buildings instead of purchasing 6 back ups & battery.

The Cost of the Generator is 4000 US $

School Bus

Description: We started this School in 2015 for the benefit of our Children Home Kids to give good education and by securing them not sending outside the campus to other schools which is not running in the Christian atmosphere. When we started in 2015, children in the village and surrounding hamlets joined in our school which we collected fees and paying the salaries for the teachers & Staff.

By God's Grace We had good reputation about our school so many non christian parents willing to join their kids in our school and it is making lot of difference in the lives of the kids and parents in education and specially presenting Gospel to them.

To Bring the outside children from the villages and surrounding areas we have to provide transport facility as because all the schools with non christian background providing school bus facility and attracting the children to join in their schools. Last year and this year we lost so many kids because we don't have transport facility of School Bus.

If we have School Bus it will bring more outside children through them we can collect fees, we can pay salaries for staff and above all we can reach the community through this children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Cost of the School Bus 25 Seater is between 23000 to 25000 US $ approximately. 

Computers for the School / Vocational Training.

Description: We Need 8 Computers for School. Each Computer Costs between 
400 to 600 US $.

Sewing Machines For Tailoring Institute.

Description:We Need 10 Sewing Machines.Each Sewing Machine Costs200 US $

Vehicle for the Ministry.

Description: Transport Facility is not much in the villages.  As we have church planting & Evangelism in many areas and we don't have proper transportation as because we travel mostly to rural and remote villages. A Vehicle probably a Car which can carry 7 persons will be so useful for the ministry to reach more places and people and will save lot of time in the work. School Bus is and should be used exclusively to transport Children. We cannot accommodate adults in a school bus for the ministerial activities.  

Regular Monthly Sponsorship for 50 children, lepers.



Each Child Needs 50 US $ Per Month to Provide a 3 meal a day and an Evening Snack. We have 25 Boys & 25 Girls. 


Each Child Needs 20 US $ to purchase a Pair of Clothes. 

Medical Expenses:

Each Child should be taken to Primary Health Care Hospitals for regular check up & in Emergency.  For Doctor's Consulatation, Medicines Each Child Needs 10 US $.

Mattresses,Pillows & Bed Sheets:

Each Child Needs One Pillow,One Mattresses, and two Bed Sheets which costs 20 US $ Per Child. 

Other Helpful Needs for Children:

School Bags, Books 15 US $ Per Child.

Mosquito Nets Prevents from Dangerous Mosquito Bytes which causes Malaria, Dengue and other Harmful Diseases. Mosquito Nets Costs 25 US $ Per Child / Bed. 

Sweaters for Winter Season. Each Child Needs 15 US $


As we are working with 47 Lepers resides in a separate leper colony. Every Month we used to visit them with the Love of Jesus Christ and ministering to them With the Gospel and taking care of their needs like Providing Rice, Oil, Fruits, Nutritious Food and Medication which is useful for cleaning their Wounds.  Each Leper Costs 15 US $ Per Month.