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                     The Wounded Healer

                A four-week Reading Seminar


Mondays & Tuesdays, April and May

6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Westmount Public Library

4574 Sherbrooke St. W.

$40 for the series

$12 for individual sessions

For copies of readings or info

please call (514) 481-8664



Monday, April 7
The idea of brokenness is found in many traditions. We will look at a Japanese cultural phenomenon called Kintsugi to see how broken pottery shards are sealed together with gold, thus representing a unique way of looking at man’s brokenness. We will also read about how Jung’s descent into madness later brought about a breakthrough in his life. Finally we will see how falling into madness can sometimes lead to spiritual emergence.

Murray Shugar
is the editor of the Jung Society of Montreal’s website and newsletter.

Tuesday, April 29

Healers, Healing and the Wounded Healer Within Us All
Since time immemorial, shamans have been the healers in human societies throughout the world. Over 60 years since it was first published, Mircea Eliade's groundbreaking book remains the authoritative reference work on the subject.  
    Marie-Louise Von Franz places this archetypal practice squarely in the context of modern day psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.
    Claire Dunne's biography is a tribute to Jung, the man whom she describes as "The Wounded Healer of the Soul."
Roman Rogulski works as a life insurance underwriter, is a passionate supporter of personal development, and a longstanding volunteer for the Montreal Jung society.
Monday, May 12 
The Wounded Healer 
The idea of the wounded healer is of central importance in the understanding of the relation between therapist and patient in Jungian and some other kinds of therapy. But the idea has broader implications for the integral relation of healing in the individual and the world.
     The relation between wounding and healing has ancient roots. Readings from Paul Levy and Sherry Salman explore these in today’s world.
    Edward Edinger’s text illustrates how wounding and healing were deeply interconnected in alchemical lore; the reading from Emma Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz shows their close interconnection in the Grail legend.
Harvey Shepherd is a journalist and co-president of the C. G. Jung Society of Montreal.
Tuesday, May 20
The Wounded Healer in Psychotherapy
Are all therapists wounded healers? Is the process of Jungian analysis shamanic? Does the patient's wound transform the analyst and the analyst's wound heal the patient?
   These are some of the ideas to be explored in tonight's readings by Donald Sandner on the parallels between shamanism and analytical psychology; by John Merchant on the shaman archetype as an example of the wounded healer; and in C. Jess Groesbeck's seminal article on the image of the wounded healer.
Mary Harsany is a psychologist in private practice in Montreal and co-president of the Jung Society of Montreal



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