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Tape Collection: 

An Archive of Lectures Presented to the C. G. Jung Society of Montreal                                                            
Audio tapes of The C. G. Jung Society of Montreal 
(Please note: tapes are available only for use by members of the Society)
Please phone Murray Shugar at (514) 481-2770

Digital Recordings Are Available to Members for the Seasons of 2012-2017.


Ginette Paris: Le Traumatisme de la Perte d’Amour et du Deuil: Nouvelles approches thérapeutiques – Sept. 15 (recording not available)

Susan Meindl: Are You "Too Sensitive"? Sensitivity and Introversion as Special Ways of Experiencing Life – Oct. 20

F.X. Charet: Jung and the Spiritual Realm: Jung and the "Red Book" –November 10



David Pressault: Looking at Dance and Other Art Forms: A Psychological Perspective; September

Daniel Bordeleau: L’Impulsion suicidaireOctober

Out of the Shadows: A Play-Reading about Emma Jung; October

Ted Fillery: Two Spirited; November

Yvon Riviere: Recovering the Soul: Individuation in a Disindividuating” World; February

James Hollis: Living More Fully in the Shadow of Mortality; March

Luigi Zoja: Paranoia, Society and History; April



"The Way:" A film and discussion with Tom Kelly and Johanne Magnan, Sept. 18

Dreams and the Eclipse of God: How personal complexes and personal meaning often silence the Archetypal message in 

dreams and life, Oct. 2 Not available

Mystical Journey of the Soul to the Divine: Jung's Individuation Journey, Christina Becker, Oct. 30

Cheminer vers la joie, Guy Corneau (français) Nov. 13


Love and Hate: In Conversation with Jan Bauer and Guy Corneau,  Sept. 19 

Jean François Vézina: Are we playing or are we being played? Awakening the sense of play in our lives, Oct. 17 

Perspectives on Trauma: A Conversation with Craig Stephenson and Tom Kelly, Nov. 7  

David Pressault: Eros In Our Time: Love, Passion and Transformation, Dec. 4

Finding Your Inner Compass, Saturday, February 7

An All-Day Seminar

James Hollis: Hauntings: Dispelling the Ghosts Who Run Our Lives,  March 20



Jan Bauer & Guy Corneau, A Conversation on Creativity, Sept. 23  

What Is Archetypal Psychology and How Is It Practiced?

training seminar* with Ginette Paris, Oct. 26 NA

Yvon Rivière: Is There A Future For Psychoanalysis? Nov. 22

Denis Charrier-Adams: Evil Possessions: A Jungian Reading, Dec. 6

David Miller: C. G. Jung’s Warning about Faith: The Psychological Danger of Belief, Feb. 7

Beyond the Talking Cure: Mathieu Langlais, Artemis Papert, Stephen Snow and Shelley Snow, Mar. 22

Kathryn Madden: Breakdown and Breakthrough in Creative Depression, April 11


D. Cronenberg's "A Dangerous Method:" A Conversation Between a Jungian and Freudian Analyst, Sept. 21

John Dourley: The Mystical Fool and Why the Killing Must Go On, Oct. 12

Polly Young-Eisendrath: When Change is Unwelcome: Embracing the Lessons of Loss, Nov. 9

Jan Bauer: The Humble Garage: A Very Modern Archetype Full of Treasures and Junk, Dec. 7

Michael Vannoy-Adams: The Very Ideas of James Hillman, March 15

James Hollis: The Sailor Cannot See the North: The Psycho-Spiritual Dilemma of our Time, April 19



Mysterium: A Poetic Prayer (A DVD by Antonella Adorisio), January 20 (No Tape)

Erica Lorentz; Jung, Spirituality and the Body, February 4

Robert Black, Psychology and Ancestry: Working with and Moving Beyond Family Patterns, March 11

James Hollis; Stories Told, Stories Untold, Stories That Tell Us, April 15


Tom Kelly and Yvon Rivière; The Red Book Revealed: 

Conversation and Insights with Montreal Jungian Analysts, September 24

Jean-François Vézina; Necessary Chances: Synchronicity in the Encounters That Transform Us,  October 15

Ingrid Eisermann; Mary Magdalene: A Woman's Journey Into Her Self; November 26 (No Tape)

Guy Corneau, To Live Again! (Revivre!), December (No Tape)

Jan Bauer; Innocence and Loss of Innocence: A Never-Ending Story, February 19

Ann Yeoman; Hunger Sacred and Profane: The Symbolism of Cannibalism, March 26

Michael Vannoy Adams; Art and the Mythological Unconscious:

William Blake, Neo-Platonic Philosophy, and Jungian PsychologyApril 16


Mathieu Langlais; Imagination’s Body: A Soul Perspective on Psychosomatics, Feb. 20 
Bruce Barnes; Lessons in Letting Go: The Upside of Uselessness, Irrelevance and Impermanence, March 29
James Hollis; What Matters Most: Living a More Considered Life, April 17

Talking Soul: Conversations with two veteran Jungian analysts and two analysts-in-training, Sept. 25
Featuring Guy Corneau and Jan Bauer and introducing Nimi Menon and David Pressault

Ted Fillery: Visionaries, Mystics and Madness, October 23

Polly Young-Eisendrath, The Trouble With Being Special: Starting a New Conversation About Today's Children, Nov. 20

Nicolas Bornemisza: Jung and Yoga, Dec.4


Tom Kelly; Individuation in a Consumer Society: Acquiring vs Becoming, January 18
David Miller; Psyche as Poetry, Feb. 15
Beverly Clarkson; The Kindling: Living with the Archetypal Child, March 14
Michael Vannoy Adams; The Butterfly Woman, April 18

Michael Conforti; The Complex and Redemption,  October 17
Pat Berry; The Hole in the Heart, November 7  no tape
Yvon Rivière; Art, Psychoanalysis and Spirituality, Dec. 5

Jan Bauer; Carriers of Shadow, Bearers of Light, Feb. 16
Mary Harsany; Do You Want to Know a Secret, April 20
Paul Kugler; Legacy of the Dead, October 12
Polly Young-Eisendrath; Why Jung?, Nov. 9
Ginette Paris; Wisdom of the Psyche, December 7
Denis Charrier-Adams; The Terror and Beauty of Epidemics, Jan. 19


Layne Dalfen; An Eclectic Approach to Dream Work: Using a Mandala, Jan. 20
Christine Hanssens; The Power Complex: A Fascinating Shape-Shifter, Feb 17
Beaty Popescu; Exploration of Creativity. Image Creation and Individuation, Mar 17
Michael Conforti: Patterning in the Psyche and in the Natural World, April 21
Lyn Cowan; Seabiscuit: The Little Horse That Could, and Did, and Still Does, Oct.13
James Hollis; Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life, Nov. 17
Mira Khazam; Who's Afraid of Aphrodite? Dec. 1



Sylvia Senensky; Creativity and the Dark Feminine (inaudible) Feb. 18
Tom Kelly; Sabina Spielrein: Neglected Pioneer of Psychoanalysis, March 11
Graham Jackson; Does Father Know Best? Cronos & His Children, April 8
Rachel Hillel; The Redemption of the Feminine Erotic Soul, Oct. 14
David Miller; How Religion Makes Us Sick, Nov. 11
Françoise Cloutier; Understanding Archetypes, Dec. 2



Jan Bauer; Transformation: Hoax or Hope, January 23 
Judith Harris;  Jung and Yoga, Feb. 20 
Yvon Rivière; The Power of Smell, Mar. 12 
Polly Young-Eisendrath; Embracing Limitation: The Spiritual Adventure of Being Human, April 23
Including Islam: Conversations with Islam
-Sheila McDonough; Including Islam, April 26
-Munirah McLean; Islam and Women. May 4
Christina Becker; Jung and Astrology, Oct. 1
James Hollis; On the Psychology of Comedy, Nov. 12



Françoise Cloutier; The Psychological Meaning of Hair, Jan. 24  
David Miller; Shepherding: Archetypal Images of Healers and Helpers, Feb. 21 
Ron Wareham; Jung and Nazism, April 11 
Mary Harsany; Hermes, Boundary Crosser, Giver of Gifts, May 8 
Jordan Peterson; The Deep Structure of Democracy, Dec. 6 



Jan Bauer; Time, Money and Psyche,  Jan. 25 
James Hollis; Creating a Life, Feb. 15 
Brian Mayo; Tattoos and the Psyche, Mar. 15 
Kenneth Krabbenhoft; Mysticism as Archetype: Kabbalah, Christian Mysticism and Sufism, Oct. 4 
Diana Beach; On Being the Dragon That Must be Slain: Women and Terrorism, Nov. 15 
Tom Kelly; The Individuation Process: The Detective vs The Gardener, Dec. 6 



Marc Gervais; Shadow of a Doubt, Jan. 14 
David Miller; The Sweet and Bitter Traces of Love, Feb. 9 
Tom Kelly; Musing on the Anima, Mar. 16 
Shirley Ma;  Jung and the Far East, May 11  
Janet Dallett; Freeing the Spirit from Matter, Oct. 19 



Lawrence Kirmayer; Blake's Visionary World, March 4 
Alden Josey; Evil and Archetypal Shadow, April 7, 
Henry Abramovitch; Dreams of Millennium, May 5 
Daryl Sharp; The Analytic Experience, Sept. 22 
Michael Edwards; Active Imagination, Oct. 21 



Jan Bauer; Bedazzled; Feb. 19  
Polly Young-Eisendrath; Women and Desire, April 16  
F.X. Charet; The Second Coming, Oct. 15 
James Hollis; Love Work, Nov. 12 .
Beverly Clarkson; Being Here, Dec. 4 



James Hollis; Swamplands of the Soul, Mar. 20 
Douglas Cann; Roots of Psyche and Eros, April 18 
John Dourley; Genocidal Imperative, May 9, 
Marion Woodman; The Inner Marriage, Oct. 30
David Miller; Hunters and Farmers Haunting the Self, Nov. 13 
Steven Snow; Ancient Roles, Modern Actors, Dec. 5 



Robert Gardner; Life in the Wilderness, Feb. 21, 1997
Sylvia Senensky; The Labyrinth, March 21, 1997
Jane Pretat; Coming to Age,  April 18, 1997
Shirley Ma; The Myth of the Career Woman, May 2 ,1997
Ginette Paris; The Future (Mythology) of Psychology, Nov. 15, 1997
Tom Kelly; The Question of Parsifal, Dec. 5, 1997



Laurence Kirmayer; The Wounded Healer, Jan 27, 1996.
Henry Abramovitch; From Murder to Togetherness, Oct. 2, 1996



Louise Coté; Silent Sexual Sympathy, April 8, 1995.
Ron Wareham; The Tarot, April 29, 1995.
David Miller; The Pathology of Festivity, Oct. 13, 1995.
Charles Boer; The Pleasure of Recluses, Nov. 1995



Pat Berry; Reminiscences, Reflections, July 1992, Notre Dame Conference



Robert Gardner; The Net in the Desert; The Gulf War
Katherine Asper; The Child: Image and Reality, April, 20
Katherine Frey; In Quest of the Goddess



Rachel Hillel; Tamar



Valerie Broege; Psychosynthesis, Jan 20, 1989.
Jan Bauer; The Negative Mother, Dec. 2, 1989.



George Robinson; Coming to the Table with Dirty Hands, Jan. 30, 1988.
Eileen Preston; Spirit/Instinct Antithesis, Nov. 19, 1988.



Edith Sullwold; Patterns of Initiation, Feb. 6, 1987.
David Miller; Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Mar. 14, 1987
Seminar : What are Archetypes? Goldenberg, Paris, Miller, Mar. 13, 1987
Mario Jacoby; Anxiety and Guilt, Sept. 29, 1987
Jan Bauer; Puer/Puella; Artist/Adolescent, Nov. 14, 1987.



Austin Clarkson; Carmen, Bride of Dionysos, Nov. 1, 1986.
Florence Perella-Hayes; Hildegard of Bingen, Nov. 15, 1986.

Miscellaneous dates and speakers

Marion Woodman; The Ravaged Bridegroom, ?
Joseph Campbell; Psyche and Symbol, Nov. 10, 1980
Eileen Preston; Myth and Metamorphosis, (?)
Jay Sherry; Jung and anti-Semitism, (?)
Jung on CBC; 2 & 3
Guy Corneau; The War of Love, Mothers and Sons.


The Wisdom of the Dream, Stephen Segaller, 1989, 3 VOLS.
i. A Life of Dreams
ii Inheritance of the Dream
iii. A World of Dreams

Science of the Soul

	Vol. 1 The Collective Unconscious, Dr. Edward Edinger, 1997.

Bly and Woodman on Men & Women, 6 tapes

Once Upon A Loss, Kathrin Asper

The place to find information in Montreal on the work of C.G. Jung...

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