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Accompanied by Angels and Archetypes

Angels come to inform us about the life we are meant to live.  It was Gabriel who helped Mary to understand what she was bringing into the world.  So too, the angel Raphael helped Tobiah find his way to Sarah. 


   Angels and archetypes accompany us as we journey through life. Perhaps at those moments when we have the uncanny sense of the presence of another, we are actually feeling the presence of archetypes taking our hand, and shaping our actions. The archetypes as " natures constants" brings us into relationship with the "antique soul" and the history of humanities journey through life.    While we need to find our own way into these universal thresholds, the archetypes speak of a life which has existed since the beginning of time. From birth to  career, to marriage, and on to our destiny, we  find our steps follow those of our ancestors as they too  strove to find a way to the Self.


   In this seminar we will look at the presence and influence of the feminine and masculine archetypes in daily life, and come to know them through their symbolic representations, including  their animal form, behaviors, tendencies, and proclivities.  For a woman, her life may be expressive of the father-daughter archetype, or Athena, Artemis, the prophetess Deborah, Hera, Persephone, the puella, or Demeter.  For the man, his life may be captured by the puer archetype, or by Phaeton, Zeus, Apollo, or Hephaestus.  We will also see that the integration of the contrasexual is a vital necessity in the life of every man and woman.  


  This program brings together two leading Jungian scholars who will present an in-depth discussion and  exploration of the workings of  the masculine and feminine archetypes and how these often accompany us throughout life. To deepen this work, Dr. Susan Rowland and Dr. Michael Conforti will each teach for two days so as to have the opportunity to  discuss the influence and presence of these archetypes as they appear in modern life, in dreams, literature and the cinema.



NEW from The Assisi Institute
Trauma, Resilience and Healing 
9 Month Teleseminar Certificate Program!

This program will draw on the work of Elie Wiesel, C.G. Jung's archetypal  approach to psyche and modern discoveries in the somatic and neurological effects of trauma. As we realize the necessity of engaging the creative unconscious in the healing process,  we will look to the arts, literature, and film in the hopes of catching an image of the soul's response to trauma and its ongoing hope for "secular miracles."


     It is in the domain of trauma that traditional therapy must face its limitations.   In living with such unimaginable suffering, individuals are unwillingly made to see the contours of a hellish reality. So too, in their movement towards resilience, they experience a benevolence which they felt had been lost not only to them, but to the world. It is this inexorable dance of the eternal themes of hope, trauma and healing  that creates what may be the greatest individual and archetypal challenge of life.          


    Especially in today's troubled world, with the ongoing escalation of violence, we need more than ever to find a way of working and living with these eruptions of such a dark unconscious.  So too, we can hope that an ongoing investigation into this domain of psyche, may halt the march of individual and collective acts of brutality against humanity.   


  Therapy needs to return to its origins as a spiritual journey in order to help the individual live with the pain while opening to the archetypal experience of benevolence. It will also help those living with trauma to see the truly heroic nature of their unique journey, in realizing that they now have to carry a profound experience of heaven and hell in their heart.  Perhaps if this work goes well we will begin to see trauma in a new light, and to consider as Whitmont writes: 

"Relevant events in a patients past history which we have been in the habit of viewing as causes of current psychopathology may now perhaps be seen as the manifestations of the beginning life pattern."


(Whitmont, in "The Destiny Concept in Psychotherapy", pg 186-187)


March Conference Faculty:

Susan Rowland, PhD

Michael Conforti, PhD

Only a few spaces left for this course!

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Mark Your Calendar!
Assisi Institute June Conference
After The Storm:
Trauma, Resilience and Healing

Michael Conforti
Ruth Lanius
Thomas Moore
Edward Tick

18th - 21st, 2015

Enders Island
Mystic, CT

This conference is open to individuals from all fields as well as mental health professionals.

"If we can stay with the tension of opposites long enough -sustain it,
be true to it-we can sometimes become vessels within which the
divine opposites come together and give birth to a new reality." 

2. The Jung-Neumann Letters Conference (see below) Shefayim (near Tel Aviv), Israel, April 24-26, 2015  

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The Jung-Neumann Letters Conference

The long awaited publication of the correspondence between C.G. Jung and Erich Neumann promises to be a landmark event in the history of analytical psychology. The Jung-Neumann Letters, edited by Martin Liebscher, is due to be published by Princeton University Press spring 2015. To mark this important event, an international conference will be held, jointly sponsored by The Foundation for the Works of C.G. Jung, the Neumann Estate, The Philemon Foundation, The International Association of Analytical Psychology, and The Israel Institute of Jungian Psychology.


More Than One Hundred Letters

 This collection of more than one hundred letters between the two men spans nearly three decades, from 1934 on the eve of Neumann’s arrival in Tel Aviv until his premature death in 1960. The letters reveal an intense and intimate encounter between two brilliant minds. Respectfully, yet in a most straightforward way, Jung - the founder, pioneer and wise elder - and Neumann - the courageous and bold younger thinker – reflect upon a broad spectrum of theoretical, clinical and cultural issues, including Jewish and Biblical themes, as well as anti-Semitism and Nazism.

middle SmallAbout the Speakers

The invited speakers for this conference will present recent discoveries and new perspectives pertaining to the correspondence, the relationship between Jung and Neumann, and the broad range of issues they discussed.
There will be lectures and panels on topics such as culture and history, the problem of evil, art and the artist, Eranos, memories of Jung and Neumann, a live performance of excerpts from the Magic Flute with lecture and discussion.
This will also be a celebration of Neumann’s unique and precious contribution to analytical psychology and cultural studies. Scholars and clinicians will present the latest views on many aspects of Neumann’s work, pertaining to psychological theory and clinical issues as well as to the arts and culture.
Please see the program.



Who is it for?

The conference will appeal to clinicians and analysts, to scholars and academicians in the humanities from around the world, and to the general public with an interest in Jungian studies. It will take place in the pleasant country setting at the hotel and conference center of Kibbutz Shefayim, 20 minutes north of Tel Aviv, the home of Erich Neumann.

jung rb boat SmallRegistration

With registration you will be able to order set(s) of eight postcards of previously unreleased drawings by Erich Neumann, some mentioned in the correspondence between Jung and Neumann.

In the spirit of Jung & Neumann’s writings on ethics and evil, donations from any conference surplus will be made to organizations working with Israeli and Palestinian children suffering from trauma.