The Epoch Makers

Archetypal Patterns of Creative Women Who Influenced Their World

"In our most private and most subjective lives, we are not only the passive witnesses of our age and its sufferers, but also its makers. We make our own epoch." (Carl Jung, 1934 - Matter of Heart)
There are women throughout history whose creative work changed the cultural topography and opened new windows of conscious development.
 In their writing, poetry, art, and dance, they crossed a threshold to archetypal realities that had been hidden in plain sight. By daring to express themselves in their own voices and through their own eyes they ushered us into a world that was as subversive as it was familiar. Their artistry speaks with “a thousand voices” because their work is rooted in the primordial image which, as Jung wrote: “enthralls and overpowers…transmutes our personal destiny into the destiny of mankind, and evokes in us all those beneficent forces that ever and anon have enabled humanity to find refuge from every peril and to outlive the longest night.” (CG Jung, The Red Book: Liber Novus)

Their names read like a Who’s Who of literary and artistic fame, yet the reality within which they created was more often one of oppression, resistance and rejection.  What gave these women the courage, stamina and inspiration to persist in spite of tremendous resistance and obstacles? Enheduanna, the first known author of the written word, who united opposing kingdoms and gave us the mythology of Inanna. Hildegard of Bingen, a German Benedictine abbess, writer, composer, philosopher, Christian mystic, visionary, and polymath. Harriet Beecher Stowe, Karen Blixen, Maya Angelou, Frida Kahlo, Julian of Norwich, Charlotte Bronte, Ursula Le Guin, Martha Graham. How were these women able to connect so deeply to archetypal realities that were not yet a part of the collective consciousness? Are they representative of a creative genius that only a privileged few have access to or are they examples of an archetypal journey of creative engagement that is accessible to each of us? 


noun a period of time in history or a person's life, typically one marked by notable events or particular characteristics.

the beginning of a distinctive period in the history of someone or something.

The Creative Unconscious and the Individuation Process
In this eight month on-line course, we will look at the lives of iconic women artists, authors, mystics, and choreographers as historic illustrations of the archetypal patterns of the creative process. The lessons gleaned from their lives and work can inform our own creative engagement and understanding of the self-revelatory nature of the creative unconscious. Based on the work of Jung, von Franz, Neumann and others, this course is rooted in an understanding of the creative as an autonomous psychic energy that speaks a symbolic language manifested in our dreams, our art and in our everyday actions and conversations. We will explore the lives and works of these women through the lens of the creative unconscious as a vehicle designed to move us forward in our own individuation process as well as in the on-going individuation of collective consciousness.

Weekly Webinars and Creative Discussion Circles

Each of the course modules will offer a theoretical foundation for engaging with and developing creative work. Through the webinar presentations and discussion circles, students will be encouraged to connect to what is wanting to emerge creatively as well as to understand the archetypal trajectory of putting creative work into the public arena and what that entails.

​Creative Projects and Individual Mentoring

In collaboration with the webinar presentations, discussion circles and readings, students will be encouraged to select a specialized area of creative engagement (writing, painting, poetry, sculpting, dance) with which to develop a creative project to place in the world. Students will have the opportunity to work with a Seeing Red Faculty Mentor in designing and developing a completed creative project. 

Sept. 6th, 2018 - May 2nd, 2019
Thursday Evenings 8:00 - 9:30 PM EDT

Course Modules:

​Module I: The Role of the Creative Unconscious in Living Out Our Destiny
Sept. 6th       Hildegarde of Bingen - The Role of the Creative and           Loralee Scott-Conforti
                        the Transcendent in the Individuation Process
Sept. 13th     Creative Discussion Circle
Sept. 20th     Mirror, Mirror on the Wall –                                                       Fanny Brewster
                       the Self-Revelatory Nature of creative work
Sept. 27th     Creative Discussion Circle
Oct. 4th        Enheduanna - The Complex and the Creative                           Loralee Scott-Conforti
Oct. 11th      Creative Discussion Circle
Module II: Patterns of Destruction and the Dark Feminine in the Creative Process
Oct. 18th     Mary Shelley – Frankenstein                                                          Elizabeth Nelson
Oct. 25h       Creative Discussion Circle
Nov. 1st      Charlotte Bronte – Illuminating the Shadows, Giving                  Sandy Salzillo
                     Voice to The Mad Woman in the Creative Psyche           
Nov. 8th       Creative Discussion Circle
Nov. 15th    Salome - Monsters, Witches and the Transformative Feminine Loralee Scott-Conforti         
Nov. 29th     Creative Discussion Circle
Dec. 6th      Artemisia Gentileschi – The Sword and the Brush:                    Silvia Behrend
                    The Creative Feminine
Dec. 13th    Creative Discussion Circle
Module III: Discovering and Owning an Authentic Creative “Voice”
Dec. 20th      Mary – More than the Madonna – A Woman with a Message     Loralee Scott-Conforti
Dec. 27th      Creative Discussion Circle
Jan. 3rd       Julian of Norwich - From Walled Woman to Authentic                  Susan Rowland
                     Wisdom Centered Community
Jan. 10th      Creative Discussion Circle
Jan. 17th       Maya Angelou – Finding Our Voice From the Fires of Trauma     Fanny Brewster
Jan. 24th       Creative Discussion Circle
Jan. 31st       Frida Kahlo –The Passions of Frida Kahlo,                                      Sandy Salzillo                         
                        Suffering as a Crucible for Creative Genius
Feb. 7th        Creative Discussion Circle
Jan. 14th       Karen Blixen- Out of Africa – The Creative Voice as Home            Loralee Scott-Conforti
Feb. 21st      Creative Discussion Circle
Module IV:  Creative Work as Vocation and Activism
Feb. 28th         Jane Austen  - The Inventor of Love                                              Susan Rowland
March 7th         Creative Discussion Circle
March 14th        Martha Graham -  Doom Eager: Living to Create                       Loralee Scott-Conforti                                
                             vs. Creating to Live
March 21st        Creative Discussion Circle
March 28th        Ursula Le Guin - Archetypal Images in the Writing Process       Elizabeth Nelson
April 4th            Creative Discussion Circle
April 11th          Margaret Brundage – Weird Tales and Femme Fatales              Sandy Salzillo                                
                           Illustrator, Educator, Civil Rights Activist
April 18th           Creative Discussion Circle
April 25th          Harriet Beecher Stowe – The Power of a Single Story               Loralee Scott-Conforti
                             In Confronting Systemic Injustice
May 2nd            Creative Discussion Circle

Meet the Faculty:

Silvia Behrend, D.Min.


Silvia Behrend,  is a  Certified Archetypal Pattern Analyst, mentor and educator in private practice in Olympia, Washington.  Her ministerial work focused on using the transformational power of art in secular and religious institutions based on subject-centered pedagogy, depth psychology, and a theology of relationship and creativity. Her experience teaching and developing doctoral-level classes, being a parish leader, and developing programs to bridge cultural, sociological, political, and interfaith communities demonstrated the transformational power of art for individuals and community. She continues this work as senior faculty at the Assisi Institute and at Seeing Red and hosts national and international webinars on dream pattern analysis, leadership, psychological development and the creative. 

Fanny Brewster, MFA, Ph.D.

Fanny is a faculty member of the New York C.G. Jung Foundation where she teaches a variety of classes and gives public forum lectures on Jungian related topics. While a Board Member with the New York Analytical Psychology Club, Dr. Brewster developed and led experiential workshops on Dreams, Creative Writing and Mythology. She has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Nonfiction and a recent writing, "Wheel of Fire: The African American Dreamer and Cultural Consciousness" appears in the journal Jung Journal Psyche and Culture (Winter, 2013). Dr. Brewster has received two Gradiva Award nominations for her writing, from the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis.

Elizabeth Nelson, Ph.D.

Elizabeth serves as core faculty and Dissertation Policy Director of Pacifica Graduate Institute near Santa Barbara, California, where she has been teaching since 2003. She lectures in a broad range of courses in research process, methodology, scholarly writing, and dissertation development along with classes in dream, literature, and cultural studies. Dr. Nelson’s own research interests focus on Jung’s concept of the shadow, gender, and power with a particular interest in how women discover and express a vibrant, embodied authority. Elizabeth holds a Ph.D. in depth psychology and has undergraduate degrees in Economics and Political Science, a Master’s degree in English Literature, and an abiding interest in feminist studies. Along the way she has been a dancer, choreographer, martial artist, mountain climber, and yoga practitioner. As a professional writer and editor for more than 30 years, she coaches aspiring authors across a variety of genres and styles and works as a consultant for startup technology companies. 

Susan Rowland, Ph.D.

Susan is Chair of the Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life MA at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Newcastle and her MA's from the University of London and Oxford
University. She was the first Chair of the International Association of Jungian Studies (IAJS). She is author of many studies of Jung, literary theory and gender including C.G. Jung and Literary Theory (1999), Jung: A Feminist Revision (2002), Jung as a Writer (2005) and also edited Psyche and the Arts (2008). Another recent book is C.G. Jung and the Humanities (2010), showing how Jung's work is a response to the creative,
psychological, spiritual, philosophical and ecological crises of our age. In 2012 her book, The Ecocritical Psyche: Literature, Complexity Evolution and Jung was published by Routledge, showing how the Jungian symbol is a portal to nature.

Sandy Salzillo, MA, LMHC

Sandra has a BFA from UMASS Dartmouth. She was a professional illustrator for many years and is
still actively involved in painting and printmaking. In 2001 she obtained a graduate degree in Holistic
Counseling from Salve Regina University in Newport RI where she also received an Advanced Graduate Degree in Mental Health, along with a certification as an Expressive Arts Facilitator.
Since 2005 Sandra has worked as a mental health clinician in The Program in Women’s Oncology at Women & Infants Hospital in Providence RI, where she provides extended counseling as well as facilitates an Expressive Arts Therapy support group for women diagnosed with cancer.In 2009
Sandra received a certification as an Archetypal Pattern Analyst from the Assisi Institute in Brattleboro Vt. Along with maintaining a private practice, Sandra is an adjunct professor at Salve Regina University as well as a senior faculty member of The Assisi Institute.

Loralee Scott-Conforti, MFA

Loralee is the Executive Director of the Assisi Institute and Founder and Director of Seeing Red. She is a certified MBTI Consultant, Archetypal Pattern Analyst and sought after public speaker,
Loralee has consulted with Fortune 100 Corporations in developing training programs to catalyze breakthrough creativity and organizationally sustainable transformation. She has been a featured presenter at Jungian conferences in Siracusa, Italy and Moscow, Russia. Her graduate studies focused on the interdisciplinary links between analytical psychology, philosophy, art history, brain
science, creativity theory, and dance pedagogy. Her past artistic work includes a dance theater production focused on the global issue of human trafficking that resulted in the passage of anti-trafficking legislation as a result of Loralee's collaboration with the Troy, NY City Council. Loralee's work around this issue is featured as part of a compilation of research included in an academic text published by Routledge: "Grief and The Expressive Arts"

Payment Plans and Discounts

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- Creative Discussion Circles
- two private mentoring sessions 

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