Our Services

Our service provision is highly demand-driven and builds upon our local and global expertise. We focus mainly on the knowledge and management needs of our Network, especially those located in Portuguese-speaking countries.

Advanced Education

We will analyze your advanced education needs, develop policies, plans and programs, and also manage and monitor their implementation - see our Advanced Education projects.

Planning and Management

We will plan, organize and manage human, financial and material resources to bring about the successful completion of your specific project goals and objectives - see our Planning and Management projects.

Research and Consulting

We offer innovative advice and solutions on numerous real-world problems and governance issues that stem from globalization - see our Research and Consulting projects.

We also seek to foster the international diffusion of our research, co-ordinate research plans, conduct joint research and contribute towards increased public awareness of national and European economic policy issues. In the past, for example, we have worked with
ENEPRI - the European Network of Economic Policy Research Institutes - to further this aim.