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  • The Center for Globalization & Governance (CG&G) is an applied, interdisciplinary and service-oriented research centre based at the Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE), Lisbon. It was created on 21  April 1992 under the auspices of an agreement signed between the Portuguese Ministry of Finance and NOVA University of Lisbon. As of 2008, the scope of its interdisciplinary research was broadened considerably and a more international & service-oriented business model was also adopted.
  • To operate, CG&G relies on our growing local and global network. The Centre is managed by Jorge Braga de Macedo (Director) and Luís Brites Pereira (Deputy Director).
CG&G's vision is to:
  • Contribute toward a better knowledge and practice of governance, both corporate and public, by deepening interdisciplinary academic research focused on globalization and governance (G&G) interactions, especially in emerging markets and developing countries;
  • Offer innovative advice and solutions on a wide range of real-world problems and policy issues, in response to the globalization's opportunities and risks as perceived by businessmen and policy-makers.
CG&G's mission is to:
  • Build and coordinate dynamic and flexible networks of academics and practitioners, drawn from across the globe, tasked with responding to clearly identified knowledge gaps and real-world problems;
  • Design and implement knowledge, educational and management solutions in response to the needs of our friends and clients, especially those located in Portuguese-speaking countries
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