Catherine Green Galbraith

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Current Interests

How do molecular movements connect across time and space to create cellular level decisions and system level organization during migration and signal transduction?

  • How do molecular dynamics predict cellular level functionality?
  • How does the cytoskeleton compartmentalize other protein function?
  • How do molecular interactions regulate tissue architecture and organism function during development and disease?

Employment Opportunities

We have moved!

Jim and I are in the process of setting up our new labs at OHSU and are looking for post-doctoral candidates with less than 2 years of experience. Please contact me at with a CV and the names, phone numbers, and email address of at least 3 references.  I will be at ASCB in New Orleans and be happy to talk about opportunities during the meeting.

Working at the interface of biology and physics facilitates discoveries of fundamental mechanisms that are applicable to processes as diverse  as specification of cell fate, and cancer cell metastasis, wiring the brain, and synaptogenesis.  
  • I study the fundamental mechanisms of motility and connectivity using a combination of imaging, cell biology, biophysics, and molecular biology.
    • I address cutting edge biological questions by leveraging and applying emerging technologies.


    Catherine G. Galbraith, PhD

    Oregon Health Sciences University
    Associate Professor OCSSB/BME
    Discovery Engine Investigator Knight Cancer Institute
    BRB 420
    3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd, L346JG
    Portland, OR 97239