Thursday, May 9th


  9:00-  9:30         Registration


  9:30-  9:50         Welcoming speech


Lexical structure


  9:50-10:30         Antonio Fábregas, Ángel Jiménez Fernández

                              Complex predicates and the nanosyntax of lexical verbs

10:30-11:10         Juan Romeu

                              The nanosyntax of Path

11:10-11:50         Mara Frascarelli, Francesca Ramaglia

                              DP-internal linkers at the interfaces

11:50-12:20         Coffee break




12:20-13:00         Anna Pineda

What lies behind Romance double object constructions and Dat/Acc alternations?

13:00-13:40         Adolfo Ausín, Francisco Javier Fernández-Rubiera

A lexical decomposition analysis of dative clitics in Spanish: Towards a generative account of “le-for-les”

13:40-15:30         Lunch


Left periphery


15:30-16:10         Ángel Gallego

                              A configurational approach to the left periphery

16:10-16:50         Javier Fernández Sánchez

How left is right? Locating Romance CLRD

16:50-17:30         Zeljka Caruso

                              On the syntax of noun phrases: The nominal left periphery in     Croatian

17:30-18:00         Coffee break


Invited speaker


18:00-19:00         Myriam Uribe-Etxebarria


19:00-19:30         Work meeting


Friday, May 10th




  9:50-10:30         Nicola Munaro

                              Epistemic small clauses and the IL/SL predicate distinction

10:30-11:10         Xavier Villalba

                              Eventive existentials revisited

11:10-11:40         Coffee break




11:40-12:20         Tabea Ihsane, Petra Sleeman

                              Gender phenomena in French

12:20-13:00         Inna Tolskaya

Polysemy of Russian verbal prefixes: In and out of places, states, and activities

13:00-13:40         Antonio Fábregas

A syntactic account of affix combinations: sortal domains and hierarchies

13:40-15:30         Lunch




15:30-16:10         Rosangela Lai

                              Positional effects in stop-plus liquid clusters

16:10-16:50         Fernando Martínez-Gil

Constraint interaction in the stop-spirant distribution of Spanish voiced obstruents

16:50-17:30         Teresa Cabré, Maria del Mar Vanrell

                              Templatic versus non-templatic truncation in Sardinian

17:30-18:00         Coffee break




18:00-18:40         Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin

                              Proportional MOST as a superlative quantifier determiner

18:40-19:20         Elena Rudnitskaya

Nominal constructions with numeral classifiers and quantifiers in Korean: topicalization and subject-to-object raising of the lexical noun


Saturday, May 11th




  9:30-10:10         Ricardo Etxepare, William Haddican

Repairing FOFC violations: Evidence from Basque infinitival complements

10:10-10:50         Alejo Alcaraz

                              Subject raising through two Person agreement options

10:50-11:30         Anna Snarska

                              How to jointly control? On the track of split control

11:30-12:00         Coffee break


Ellipsis and sluicing


12:00-12:40         Kensuke Takita

                              Limited syntactic identity in antecedent-contained sluicing

12:40-13:20         Carlos de Cuba, Jonathan MacDonald

CP referentiality in Spanish: Embedded fragment answers and sluicing

13:20-14:00         Emilio Servidio

                              Italian polarity fragments as elliptical structures

14:00-14:15         Closing speech




Auxi Barrios,
Apr 24, 2013, 5:08 AM
Auxi Barrios,
Apr 24, 2013, 5:08 AM