The Caribbean Growth Forum

WHAT: The Caribbean Growth Forum (CGF) is an initiative aimed at identifying practical and implementable policies and activities to induce growth and create jobs in the Caribbean region through analytical work, knowledge exchange and inclusive dialogue. The initiative is led by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), Inter-American Development and the World Bank (WB) in collaboration with the United Kingdom Agency for International Development (DFID) and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

WHO: The CGF is a unique platform as it engages all critical players including the public sector, the private sector, academia, the youth, civil society and the Caribbean Diaspora in the dialogue on how to stimulate economic growth.

The CGF is operated by a three-tiered structure: (i) A Steering Committee to guide the overall strategic direction of the CGF and promote its work; (ii) Advisory Board to guide the development and implementation of CGF’s work program; and (ii) A Coordination Secretariat to carry out the CGF’s day-to-day operations.

The Steering Committee is comprised of the Secretary General of CARICOM, President of the CDB, and the Vice Chancellor of UWI.

The Advisory Board is comprised of a mix of public and private sector representatives, civil society, academia and young people from across the region.

HOW: Following the launch, a few topics were selected to be the subject of research and dialogue over the the next twelve-months. Regional conferences will be supplemented with face-to-face encounters at a national level and through virtual fora.

The Forum will utilize newsletters, op-eds, radio and television interviews, regional events calendar, website, intermittent Facebook and Twitter campaigns, town halls and live chats to maintain engagement with stakeholders and to build a constituency of followers.

At the end of the first year, there will be a regional conference mirroring the launch event, where findings of the research and participatory dialogue will be disseminated. The CGF proposes to build a "pro-growth coalition", through a broad-based, but unified forum that rewards diverse constituencies for active support.

The challenge is to move from an approach focused on sporadic public meetings consulting stakeholders on big issues, to build a pro-growth force rooted in society, possessing real influence, and sustained by credible incentives -and to build it quickly, by providing the differing combinations of incentives necessary to address the group's most important problems and opportunities.

WHY: The CGF initiative is born of a desire to establish a space for engaging political, business, academic, youth and other leaders of society to shape the Caribbean regional agenda.


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