Interstellar Hobos is a first-person survival game that has players managing his food and oxygen to stay alive. Players will step into the role of "Tin Can Scrappy Dan," as he seeks to set up a new home off the grid on a human colony. In order to do this, Dan needs to upgrade his Hobo Hovel to ensure enough oxygen is being produced inside the home at any given time. In order to upgrade his facilities, Dan must scavenge for scraps, plant seeds, and oxygen cans all while making sure he doesn't run out of oxygen is his suit. Dan will move between the local town and the wilderness collecting these items, either by scavenging for them, or panhandling at the local town. To that end, Dan must make use of the "Hobo Code," and ancient language that Hobos hide in a town to tell other Hobos about their environment and the people around them. Before approaching someone, players will want to survey the area to find a hobo marking nearby that will let the player know how to handle the person (or if they should even handle them at all). Once the Hobo hovel is finally upgraded, the game is over, and the hobo legend, "Tin Can Scrappy Dan," can settle in for the long haul.

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