136 S 15th St

Philadelphia PA 19107








Philadelphia Magazine, March Issue: Dan Gross, Daily News columnist was featured in Philly Mag's "Receipt" section.  One of his receipts came from our cafe for 2 coffees!!  Dan's a great dude and we're happy to have him as a customer.


Front Page Picture Sunday Inquirer (2/24/08) So this is a stretch but the Cafe is in the backround of the pic on the front page(pictured right).  The picture is of the homeless guy, Will, that frequents the steam grate across from the cafe.
















MAC & CHEESE blog gave us a nice write up on our now famous "Pear Pistachio" Great pic too. (read it here) 


Craig Laban (Food Critique for The Philadelphia Inquirer) Stopped by for a PB&J the other day. (read for yourself here)


PHILEBRITY.com 1/4/07  The fine people over at Philebrity posted an item about the cafe (click here to read it)


"Parking Wars" on A&E Check out the new show on A&E, Parking Wars.  The show is was filmed in Philly and the Cafe makes many cameos(I had to sign release forms).  The show debuts Jan 8th, you can even see the Cafe on the shows trailers!! (click here for their website)


Philadelphia Inquirer 12/20/07 Hannah Montana was in our shop.  Read more in Micheal Klein's column (click here)


Philadelphia Inquirer Front page of Sunday's Inquirer.  11/11/07.  Lisa Nutter gave the Cafe an incredible nod in the first few lines of the article.  Much thanks to Mrs. Nutter. (Click here)


Living On The Vedge.com  put out cool blog entry on our signiture sandwich, The Pear Pistachio.  (Click here)


Fox 29 listed the our cafe as the 4th hotest cafe, not only in the city but in the surrounding suburbs!!  (click here)


City Paper just listed us as Most Legitimate Reason to Eat Like a Kid Again

(click here)

Not for Tourists.com just put out an amazing article on the Cafe.  Check it out (Click here)


Philadelphia Weekly's September 5th issue reviewed our PBJ's.  Check it out (Click Here) 


Nodding Head Brewery is featuring a beer with expresso from our Cafe!!