Wooden Flute Makers List
Brian Byrne (no active link) 
Calmont Musical Instruments (AOL webpages defunct @ 12:11:2008, but cached version available via Google)   
Rod Cameron                             
Gonzalo Rodríguez Caride (no active link @ Nov 09)                                     
Clive Catterall (no active link)         
Copley & Boegli                                
Jon Cornia (Cochran Flutes) (no active link)                                         
Eamonn Cotter (no active link)               
M & E Cronnolly (UK website)
     "           "          (US website)                                
Chris Dawson (Rhiannon Flutes) (no active link)                                                  
Arie De Keyzer                                
Vincenzo di Mauro (VDM Flutes)
Fabio di Natale                                 
Tony Dixon
Victor Dols                                        
Folkers & Powell (Inactive as makers since 2010)
Alan Ginsberg (no active link @ June 2011)
Benjamin Jonas Glauser
Michael Grinter (no active link @ June 2011, but he can be found on Facebook)
Marcelo Gurovich
Dimitri Halby (no active link @ June 2011)
Mark Hoza (Kything Flutes)

Pol Jezequel (PolJez Flutes)
Kevin Douglas Jones (KDJ Flutes)

(no active link @ June 2013)
Desi Seery  (no active link @ June 2011)
Russel Serov (Serov Flutes) (no active link @ Nov 09)
Garry Somers
Claire Soubeyran
Carlos Suarez (no proper website, but find him on Facebook for video advertisements of his products and contact info.)
Jonathan Swayne (no active link but address can be found by websearch)
Walt Sweet
Dave Swindler (no active link - may not be actively making currently @ Nov 08)
Doug Tipple (newer website)

                          Sellers & Dealers

About this list


This list is intended primarily as a resource for those seeking to buy a new wooden or folk flute or just to research the field. It is not aimed solely at the Irish Traditional Music (ITM) market. Therefore it includes currently active makers of any kind of Western European style transverse wooden flute - keyless "Irish" or "Folk" flutes, band flutes and fifes, keyed simple system flutes, period replica or “modified-based-on” Mediaeval/Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic era instruments, as well as those who make such instruments in substitute materials other than wood, makers of wooden Böhm flutes and wooden head-joint specialists. There is also a sub-list of specialist dealers in such instruments, both historic/antique and modern, aiming to include the regular, commercial dealers.


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