CFUW Halifax

Welcome to CFUW Halifax

 In May 1936 a group of women began what today is CFUW Halifax.  Formerly called Halifax University Women’s Club, the first meetings were held on a quarterly basis at the Ladies’ College.  The intent of the Club was to provide “Better acquaintanceship and increased intercourse between University women resident in Halifax”.

Today, CFUW Halifax meets monthly from September to May at the Local Council of Women’s House on South Street where we enjoy speakers on educational, cultural and social issues. We remain committed to providing opportunities for fellowship and support.  CFUW Halifax currently has multiple special interest and study groups and is active in advocating for CFUW policies at the local level in concert with other equality-seeking organizations.  Starting in 1950, CFUW Halifax has also been active in providing post-secondary scholarships.

 2015/16 was an exciting year for our Club as we hosted the Atlantic Regional Conference in October and we commenced activities to celebrate our 80th Anniversary.  We welcome all women who support our beliefs and purposes to join us at CFUW Halifax.  We invite you to learn more about our Club by browsing this website and/or emailing us at

 CFUW Halifax is a member of the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW).  CFUW is a non-partisan, voluntary, self-funded organization with over 100 CFUW Clubs located in every province across Canada.  Since its founding in 1919, CFUW has been working to improve the status of women, and to promote human rights, public education, social justice, and peace.  CFUW is the largest affiliate of Graduate Women International (GWI), the leading girls’ and women’s’ global organization run by and for women advocating for women’s rights, equality and empowerment through access to quality education and training up to the highest levels.

 CFUW Halifax is also a member of the Atlantic Regional Council (ARC) of CFUW.  ARC was formed in 1988 to help improve communication, cooperation and friendship among CFUW Clubs the four Atlantic Provinces, and to promote the policies and programs of CFUW.


 A woman is eligible for membership in CFUW Halifax if she supports the purposes of CFUW.  A student member is a woman who is attending an institution of higher education.  Student members pay 50% of the Club per capita dues.  For more information on membership contact

 Why should you join CFUW Halifax?

 To …

  •  Pursue knowledge.
  • Promote high standards of public education in Canada and advanced research by women and encourage lifelong learning
  • Advocate for the advancement of human rights and the common good locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Apply your knowledge and skills in leadership and decision-making in all aspects of the political, social, cultural, educational and scientific fields.
  • Promote cooperation, networking, support and understanding among women.

 Through membership in CFUW you can …

  • Influence policy and legislation on a wide variety of issues.
  • Gain a national and international perspective on women’s issues.
  • Be part of one of the largest self-funded non-governmental women’s groups in Canada.
  • Participate in local, regional, national and international conferences, seminars, training and continuing-learning opportunities.
  • Network, find support, meet, travel, and be active with women who share your passions and interests.
  • Be supported to develop your leadership capacity.
  • Be involved in one of the most exciting NGO scholarship/fellowship programs in the country.