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National Office
331 Cooper, Suite 502, Ottawa, ON
****New**** Toll-free Number  1-888-220-9606
PH: 613-234-8252
Fax : 613-234-8221
Membership Site:
Website info &Tips
CFUW currently has three websites. They are as follows:
1.  Our public site, also known as our "National site," is The previous version of had a "members only" section that had a login area. Our national site was completely rebuilt and redesigned (in-house) since, and it does not have any type of login area anymore. Everything that goes on is public; there are no 'hidden' pages. If you are looking for something and aren't sure if it's on, try using the search function at the top right of the site. Examples of things you can find on this site are: CFUW news, info about the AGM, CFUW's advocacy policies and campaigns, order forms for saleable items and club supplies, backissues of the Communicator, Week in Review, and News & Updates, and more.
2.  The Membership site is This is, essentially, an online directory of clubs, their executive members, and their contact information. Clubs have their own login name and password that is specific to their club, and executive members are encouraged to log in periodically to update their club's and executives' contact information. The membership site is also where clubs go to report their membership numbers and print out their membership dues invoice. Finally, it is used by us at National to compile the printed Directory using the information club executives input for their club each year.  Non-club executive members, such as the Board and RDs, can log in to view information on this website as well.
3.  The third (and newest) CFUW site is the Administrative & Resources site. This site, also referred to as the "admin site*," can be found at This site houses information that is not suited to the public site for whatever reason; documents like meeting minutes, draft documents, and archive materials are among the types of files that are put on this site. The login information to view the materials on this site is the same as the login information for the Membership site (see sidebar). 
 *Please note: This is not the same "Admin" site as from previous years. Your passwords from the old Admin site will not work on this site.
All three of these websites are owned and operated by CFUW and they each have different functions. If you have suggestions or inquiries regarding any of these sites, please contact Membership Services at We are always looking to improve the usability of the sites and appreciate your feedback.
Policy Book Online Search Tips 
The CFUW Policy Book is in PDF format and can be searched in two different ways, either using the “Find” function or the “Full Reader Search”. Once you have opened the PDF, both options can be found under “Edit” at the top of the page in Adobe Reader, or by clicking on the white box where it says “Find”. If you click the arrow beside the Find box, this will bring up a drop down menu where you can “Open Full Search Reader”. 
The Full Search Reader is more extensive than the Find option, as it will allow you to type in the subject heading, keyword or text you are looking for, and will then bring up a column that lists all the places in the Policy Book where that word is mentioned. You can then click on those options and it will take you to the relevant page in the policy book.
When you look for a word or phrase using the Find option, by clicking enter it will simply jump to the first place in the document where the word appears. If you continue clicking “enter” this will take you to the next place where it appears, then the next, until the word no longer appears. 
In a small database like the Policy Book that has evolved over a number of years, it is best to think in general terms rather than specific.  For example, ‘day care’ has become ‘child care’ and is now ‘early learning and child care’.  Our policies in this subject area can be found in the “Children” section of the Policy Book.  The language used to describe various environmental issues has also evolved over the years. Some of our older policies for example, deal with ‘pollution’ and the ‘ozone layer’ while our newer policies seek to address ‘climate change’ and “global warming”. In this case, all of these policies can be found in the “Environment” section under “Environment – Air”.
Once you have found at least one of the policies, check the keywords and/or subject assigned to that one, and you might find others that interest you.
If you have difficulty accessing or searching the policy book, please contact National Office at


Order forms for Club Supplies, Publications and Saleable (‘logo’) items can be found at under “Resources – Forms.” Please allow up to one week for orders to be filled and placed in the mail. 

If there are members in your club for whom the internet is not readily available, print copies of publications such as Women in Action and the Communicator can mailed to your club. Please email memberservices@cfuw.orgor call 613-234-8252 ext. 101 to request which and how many of each publication you’d like. Alternatively, a printable copy can be emailed to you for you to print. Please note that most publications require either Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher to properly view/print the file. You can email, fax, call or mail in your order to CFUW National Office – Member Services.

Printed copies of publications such as the Policy Book, the CFUW Directory and workshops/guidebooks are available for a small fee to cover printing and shipping costs. The Saleable Items/Publications form is available at under “Resources –Forms.” Like publications such as the Communicator and Women in Action, digital copies of these publications can be emailed to you for you to print at home. The publications will be in either Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher format. Please allow up to one week for orders to be filled.

The order form for CFUW Logo/Saleable items is available on under “Resources – Forms.” 

We ask that you please pay for your order before the order is shipped. Payment can be made by visa, mastercard, or by cheque. Cash is accepted for walk-in purchases. For larger (5+ items) orders of items, please call or email in advance to confirm availability. During the year, there are sales on different saleable items- all sales are announced in the CFUW Newsletter email, which is sent out a couple of times per month. If you do not receive this newsletter and would like to, please email and check that your contact information is correct on the Membership site. We would love to have your feedback on what kinds of logo items you’d like to see us carry- tell us your ideas!

a. The Personal Home and Auto Insurance

In an effort to provide benefits that increase the value of membership in CFUW, CFUW has signed an agreement with The Personal Insurance Company so that our members may buy home and auto insurance at preferred group rates. 
The Personal pioneered the concept of home and auto group insurance in Canada over 35 years ago. Now, as one of the country’s largest group insurers, The Personal insures members and employees of more than 600 organizations in the public and private sectors.

Depending on the province, members may be able to benefit on savings up to 15% on a policy with The Personal. This discount could account for a savings of $200 to $300 to a CFUW member. (This savings would more than cover the cost of a CFUW membership). A member must be in good standing in order to benefit from the program. Eligibility to access this benefit stops when a member leaves the CFUW; therefore this benefit can be used in our campaigns for membership promotion and also in member retention.

CFUW will also receive 1% administration fee for each policy. Additionally, CFUW will be able to receive sponsorship monies in the amount of $3,000 to be used for an event of our choosing which for this year will be the 2012 AGM in Victoria, British Columbia.
Should you wish printed copies of the brochure for your club, please tell how us how many and we will be pleased to send them out to you.

b. Best Western Victoria Park Suites
CFUW Members are entitled to a discounted rate at the Best Western Victoria Park Suites, 377 O'Connor St ·Ottawa, ON · K2P 2M2. When Placing Reservations, please call – 1 800 465 7275 and ask for the Canadian Federation of University Women CORPORATE RATE


* Rates at Best Western Victoria Park Suites include a deluxe continental breakfast, free high-speed and wireless internet and local calls. Individual Cancellations Of Reservations Must Be Communicated 24 Hours Prior To Check-In To Avoid Any Penalty Fees. Rates Are Quoted in Canadian dollars and Apply To Single/Double Occupancy Per Night, Are Net Non-Commissionable, are subject to applicable taxes and fees. Rates do not apply to groups.


a. The Communicator

This publication appears four times a year and provides non-time sensitive information about CFUW activities. Any member may sign up to receive it, if you wish to do so please contact our Advocacy and Communications Coordinator at 
b. Week in Review
This publication provides a review of CFUW’s advocacy activities for the week and also contains a compilation of news articles from Canada and around the world on matters related to gender, peace, education, equality, the environment and other issues covered by CFUW policies. It is sent out to about 2,000 people, including CFUW members and individuals or organizations who may be interested in our activities. To receive the publication, one may sign up for it on the CFUW Website,; go to Resources and click on Publications.
c. CFUW News
This publication is time-sensitive information generally directed to club executives and pertains to CFUW activities and events.
d. Blog on Advocacy and International Relations
This blog is located at the following address: ( Here you will find posts containing information on CFUW’s national and international advocacy activities including updates, press releases and much more.
e. Facebook
The link for the CFUW Facebook page is: (

The National Office has produced a number of manuals and guidebooks for your club to do successful advocacy, which can all be found on our website under advocacy tools:
Guide to Communications and Social Media (
Advocacy 101
In addition to these guides, National Office produces many tool kits on issues related to federal policy and CFUW resolutions, which we encourage our members to take action on. As legislation and issues become known this year, we will be preparing and updating tool kits for your use. These tool kits provide you with important background information on the issues, CFUW’s position, as well as giving you resources that you can use to contact your MP, as a club or as an individual member. Note that any letter sent on behalf of your club must be approved and signed by your local president. If you are sending a letter as an individual we ask that you do not send it on behalf of CFUW.


The document ( provides a list of the CFUW Fellowships and Awards for academic year 2012-2013, application instructions, and guidelines. Application deadline is November 1, 2011. For further information, Fellowships and/or Charitable Trust brochures, please email Betty Dunlop at

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