CFUW Communication Tools

 See the attachments below for full details on:
1. 2012-2013 Communication Plan with the info on the upcoming FAQ feature and the deadline dates for articles for the The Communicator
2. Media Relase I did for Pres. Susan Murphy's visit to the ARC AGM. The format could be used by any club to add a photo, and information about anyone who was going to speak at a club meeting.
3. Press Release about the value of scholarships given by clubs across Canada. It could be used in local papers, and you could add your own club's information to give local interest. 
The Communicator Schedule & deadline for articles:      Sept. 1   (deadline Aug. 12)
                                                                                                Nov. 15 (deadline Nov.13)
                                                                                                Mar. 15  (deadline Mar.13)
                                                                                                May 15  (deadline May 13)
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