AGM: past - Regional & National

Some Highlights of the 2012 National AGM: 

1. CFUW Articles and Bylaws that were voted on at the AGM, were passed.

2. MOTION:   that the voting body approve a national dues increase of $10.00 to be collected in 2013-14 and be payable to CFUW on or before April 30, 2014. Passed.                
3. Resolutions: All Resolutions were passed with the exception of "Moratorium on the Construction of Industrial Wind Turbine Developments".

4. Speeches:             To read Brenda Wallace's AGM address and closing speech, please click here:  

                       To read incoming CFUW President Susan Murphy's speech given on the closing day of the AGM. click here:  
                     Susan Russell spoke at the Town Hall Meeting in Victoria about IFUW and International Advocacy.  To read her address, click:  
                 Robin Jackson spoke at the AGM about the activities and efforts of CFUW's National Office. Click here for a copy of her speech: 
 5.The 2012 Annual Reports from the Board of Directors, Committees, Regional Directors and National Office are now available :(

****Get all the details on the 2012 National AGM in the AGM Newsletter:  ******
Atlantic Regional Council AGM
Held Aug. 6, 2011 at CFUW AGM, St. John's NL 
12:30 - 1:45 pm at the Sheraton Hotel, Avalon Room on the Lower level (Lunch provided) 
ARC AGM 2011 Attendees
Special Note:
Cape Breton, Halifax and Wolfville clubs were recognized by the National Membership Committee as having increased their memberships.
CFUW Wolfville was recognized by CARE as the club who raised the most money for the IWD project in 2010/2011.
Congratulations to these clubs!
ARC AGM Synopsis:
The meeting was a quick one, but we covered the important items of such a meeting. I enjoyed the opportunity to see our Atlantic members together. From me and the four Atlantic Regional Directors, we send Best Whishes to all the clubs for a successful upcoming CFUW year!
Karen Dunnett, President ARC
Attendees: 25; Regrets: Lorraine Margeson Sec. Tres. whose flight was cancelled and couldn't get in to St. John's. 
The minutes of the Oct. 2, 2010 AGm minutes were passed as circulated.
The 2010-2011 Financial Statements (with one addition that did not change the bottom line) and the budget for 2011-2012 were approved.
Please note: The Club Annual Reports will be mailed out to clubs at the end of August (any who have not sent them to Lorraine, you still have time).
Lorraine Margeson's term as Sec. Treasurer is up as of the 2012 ARC AGM. Please consider putting your name forward for this position.
We need a club to host the 2013 Atlantic Regional AGM and conference. Contact Karen Dunnett ( for details.
Grace Stapleton suggested that if the region finds this combination of the National AGM and the ARC AGM when it is held in the Atlantic unsatisfactory, we might want to entertain a resolution to this effect at the 2012 AGM.
Please remove the name of Nancy Roddam from the Wolfville club’s info as there is serious illness in her family and she cannot take the positions of Vice President or Liaison. Also remove her address as the 2nd mailing address for Wolfville.
The In Memoria for the list of members who we honoured at their passing is here and on the In Memoria page.
In Memoria:

Charlottetown – Zelda MacNevin – she served on the National Constitution Committee and was also a member of Montreal-Lakeshore

Fredericton – Sandra Dubrule, Enid Beatty, Ruby Craig, Mary Ella Milham

Halifax – Margaret Hayden-Williams

Saint John – Connie Marr and Ruth Morrell

St. John’s – Judy Gillingham and former members, Barbara Lilly and Dorothy Halleran

Special Note:
Cape Breton, Halifax and Wolfville clubs were recognized by the National Membership Committee as having increased their memberships.
CFUW Wolfville was recognized by CARE as the club who raised the most money for the IWD project in 2010/2011.
Congratulations to these clubs!
CFUW ARC AGM & Conference, Wind in our Sails Women at the Helm, Aug. 4 6 2011, St. John's, NL

By all accounts, this AGM and conference was a great success, especially for us in the Atlantic! My congratulations to the Local Arrangements Committee under the guidance of chairs: Grace Stapleton, Grace Hollett and Barbara Clancy, along with their 70 volunteers!.

A great time was had by all the attendees,but it was especially rewarding as

Linda MacDonald and Jeanne Sarson, members of the Truro area had put forward the resolution on the Criminalization of Non-State Actor Torture and it was passed on August 6th. To view the Adopted Resolutions document click HERE . Here is what Linda said about the significance of the acceptance of the resolutions.

"And once again thanks so much for your very kind support. Women who have survived NST have emailed us from Canada, the US and Europe all so very moved about the support they are receiving from CFUW."

MacDonald & Sarson are set to lecture in September at Middlesex University in London, England at a sexual violence conference. They will be giving a power point presentation entitled, Sexualized Torture in the Domestic/Private Sphere and ‘Body Talk’: A Human Rights and Relational Feminist Paradigm, as this relates to non-state torture. They will return in time for the CFUW Truro 65th anniversary dinner.

Other Highlights of the National AGM

The Hon. Peter Kent, Minister of the Environment, sent a notice to the AGM that CFUW has received that following awards:

National Significant Person: Alice E Wilson (1881-1964), CFUW member, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada & the first woman to hold a professional position at the Geological Survey of Canada
Event of National Significance: The Creation of CFUW in 1919.
On August 26, 1919 University Women's Clubs from Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton and Victoria met in Winnipeg for the inaugural meeting of the "Federation of University Women in Canada." The Canadians attended the first IFUW meeting in 1920 as the Canadian Federation of University Women, a charter affiliate committed to encouraging international understanding and peace.

Brenda Wallace, National President CFUW, remarked about the above awards, “CFUW has a proud history – we have been leaders and have had great women who have been our members. We are delighted to have received these honours and believe that it is a tribute to the many women who have been involved in CFUW over the years.”

Another proud achievement of CFUW was the more than $1,000,000 in bursaries and scholarships handed out by the 113 clubs across Canada in 2010. Brenda Wallace in her address said, ‘I know of no other voluntary women’s organization that consistently demonstrates such willingness to ensure that education is a possibility for our promising young women.’ As well, in 2010, CFUW also gave $89,000 from their National Trust for scholarships.
See the Full CFUW AGM & Conference Reports below, and the two press releases which you can send to your local newspapers